DSA Nomination Criteria

To aid you in your efforts to submit the best possible nomination for your candidate we have provided some general comments on each of the five criteria used in the evaluation process. These should be viewed as general guideline but are indicative of the key thoughts used to compare and contrast multiple nominees.

Five Criteria used in the Evaluation Process

  1. Recognition as a Leader in SCM - an individual who has a demonstrable track record across multiple aspects of the global supply chain, leading teams in industry, company and/or academic roles. An individual who has delivered step change industry/company shareholder value and/or ground breaking systemic research/education/training initiatives across multiple aspects of the global supply chain arena. An individual who has been recognized by supply chain professionals as a person who is a role model for other aspiring supply chain professionals.

  2. Contributions Above Normal Expectations of the Job – an individual who has distinguished himself or herself within the profession by contributing in areas beyond their “normal job.” This could be demonstrated in numerous ways such as mentoring or coaching other professionals or small businesses, utilizing their SC capabilities to improve aid or disaster relief efforts, personal involvement with educational and development programs serving the profession, etc. Identify any activity that demonstrates the nominee’s personal contribution in giving back their time and effort to improve the profession.

  3. Recognition as an Innovator in SCM – an individual who has impacted the profession in terms of developing new capabilities or being a thought leader. Have their efforts resulted in an order of magnitude difference; have they “changed the rules of the game”; have they adapted or applied existing concepts to achieve success in areas others have not been able to? How broadly have their efforts been recognized and acknowledged?

  4. Education of the SCM Profession (both orally and written) – identify the extent to which the nominee (beyond their normal job requirements) has enhanced the awareness and understanding of the profession. Identify specific examples of presentations, written articles, speeches, blogs, webcasts, publications, etc. and how those added to the body of knowledge within the profession.

  5. Distinguished Record of Contribution to the Discipline of SCM – identify the notable contributions made by the nominee. Have the contributions been in one or two primary areas or a broader impact across the supply chain? Does the individual standout among those achievers at the top of the profession? Has there been a sustained level of notable/outstanding contribution? Has the individual been recognized by other organizations or groups for their efforts?

How to Submit the Best DSA Nomination

Ultimately the selection of the DSA recipient is based on the accomplishments and impact of the individual. However, since the process is driven initially from the information submitted by the nominator you should be aware of some general expectations.

  • Be clear with why you believe your nominee has provided “distinguished” service versus a very successful career.
  • Give examples that demonstrate that their contributions have been made over a “sustained” period of time.
  • The nomination is limited to 5 pages, plus support letters.
  • Every effort should be made to provide specific examples that attest to each of the five criteria used in the evaluation.
  • Candidates will be evaluated based on their impact and service across multiple components of the supply chain as well as multiple geographies.
  • While anyone can make a nomination, those from peers tend to be better received than from direct employees or those that have the appearance of a marketing or promotional campaign.
  • Letters of support carry significant weight if:
    – They are definitive in their support and provide clear examples of distinguished service. General testimonials, while well intended, provide little information in helping to differentiate between leading candidates.
    – The writers are well respected in the profession and represent multiple components of the supply chain as well as multiple geographies. 2-3 letters are sufficient, if well written. No more than 5 will be accepted.

Remember that each year there are multiple nominees who would be an outstanding recipient of the DSA, but only one is so honored. The nomination document is a critical determinant in the entire process.