Current Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Nancy Nix, Executive Director of Achieving Women's Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education (AWESOME), will receive the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' (CSCMP) 2017 Distinguished Service Award. She will be presented with the award during the Opening General Session at the CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, September 25, 2017.

CSCMP's Distinguished Service Award is supply chain's most prestigious honor, bestowed upon an individual for significant achievements in the logistics and supply chain management professions. Presented annually, the award was instituted in 1965 as a tribute to logistics pioneer John Drury Sheahan.

"CSCMP is pleased to announce Nancy Nix as the newest recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Nix has an extraordinary record of service to the supply chain community, with demonstrated successes as a practitioner, educator, and industry leader. She has also contributed heavily to CSCMP as an organization, serving as a member of CSCMP's Research Strategies Committee (RSC) for three years, chair of RSC for three more years, a member of CSCMP's Board of Directors for eight years, and Chair of the Board from 2011-12," Rick Blasgen, President and CEO, CSCMP.

Dr. Nix is formerly Executive Director of the EMBA Program and Professor of Professional Practice in Supply Chain Management at the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University. She received her doctorate in Logistics from the University of Tennessee and her MBA from Temple University. She has extensive management experience with the DuPont Company and Reliance Industries Ltd., in Mumbai, India.

"Dr. Nix's unique background and involvement in so many aspects of the profession give her an almost unparalleled record of contribution to the discipline in terms of increasing supply chain understanding, sharing knowledge, building networks, developing innovative curriculum and programs, fostering professional growth, expanding the talent pipeline, and encouraging diversity. Her long-term impact not only on the lives of thousands of supply chain professionals, but on the industry as a whole, is significant, remarkable, and distinguished," Ann Drake, nominator.

Dr. Nix has served as Executive Director of AWESOME since 2014, and has helped grow membership to over 1,000 women in senior leadership roles, creating the first network of this size and prominence for women in supply chain. She has developed "powered by AWESOME" programs that provide leading female professionals as speakers and panelists for countless supply chain events, raising the profiles of women as experts and accomplished leaders. Under Nancy's leadership, AWESOME has fostered a collaborative relationship with CSCMP that includes programming and promotion, and provides substantive content and visibility to both organizations. Nancy has been invaluable in establishing this ongoing collaboration due to her knowledge of both organizations and the discipline, and her commitment to working together.

Please join us for the CSCMP EDGE Conference on September 25, 2017, as we honor Dr. Nancy Nix with supply chain's highest honor.

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