CSCMP's Supply Chain Hall of Fame

At the 2016 Annual Conference, the creation of CSCMP's Supply Chain Hall of Fame was announced to recognize and archive the significant achievements of those who have created, innovated, and mastered the discipline of supply chain management. The Hall of Fame signifies the life-long accomplishments of those members of our industry who have truly improved the world we live in.

CSCMP is committed to preserving the history of some of the greatest, life-changing innovations and inventions from around the world, celebrating the astounding practitioners and academics who have made the supply chain management industry what it is today. From mass production assembly lines to ocean freight containers, from UPC to tracking systems, the evolution of physical distribution to logistics to supply chain management has changed the face of history time and time again.

But it is not only the concepts, inventions, and innovations that should be celebrated and remembered, it is also the people who took an impossible dream and made it a reality. ​This honor recognizes individuals that have made a significant impact on the landscape of supply chain management. Nominees must have experienced significant success in the industry, illustrated extraordinary leadership skills, and served as a role model to supply chain students, young professionals, and budding entrepreneurs.

View the 2016 Inductees

Henry Ford

Johnnie Bryan (J.B.) Hunt

Malcom McLean

How the Hall of Fame Works  

The CSCMP Board of Directors has approved the following criteria for selection into the Supply Chain Hall of Fame and will abide by these guidelines as the Hall of Fame continues in to the future. 

The Nominating Committee

Each year, seven members will be chosen by CSCMP's Board of Directors to sit on the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee to develop a list of potential candidates to be inducted into the Supply Chain Hall of Fame. Members of the Nominating Committee will:

  • Have at least 10 years in industry
  • Be geographically and gender diverse
  • Represent all areas of the supply chain industry, including, but not limited to: industry professionals, academics, technology, consulting, and industry journalists
  • Determine the list of nominees by December 15 of the preceding year of induction
  • Complete voting by March 31
  • Announce the inductees by July 1 preceding the Annual Conference

The Voting Committee

Once the potential inductees are selected, the Voting Committee, consisting of the members listed below, will be enlisted to determine the finalists. Voting Members will include:

  • Past DSA winners and members of the Hall of Fame
  • All CSCMP Chairs of the Board of Directors
  • All CSCMP members of the Board of Directors (within the past 10 years)
  • All current CSCMP Roundtable Presidents
  • A select group of industry professionals, academics, journalists, and long-time members of CSCMP, as determined by the Board of Directors

Categories for Inductees

To be eligible, each Hall of Fame inductee must fall under one of the following four categories:

  • Industry Transformers
    – Technology
    – Business or Process
    – Legislative/Regulatory
  • Knowledge Creators & Communicators
    – Researchers
    – Authors
    – Journalists
    – Consultants
  • Industry Leaders/Practitioners
  • CSCMP Distinguished Award Winners*

Nomination Process and Guidelines

  • An inductee must have at least 20 years in supply chain and logistics field
  • The Nominating Committee will create an annual ballot with a maximum of 20 candidates
  • There must be at least one candidate for each category
  • Current candidates may include previous-year candidates who received a minimum number of votes 
  • Ballots and results will be tabulated by Hall of Fame Committee

Please note: This virtual Hall of Fame provides a portal where the general public can learn about inductees and their contributions to the industry. The Board has already received several requests for sponsorship of the Hall of Fame, as well as offers to house a potential “physical” Hall of Fame. These requests will be carefully considered for the future.

 *CSCMP's Distinguished Services Award is the highest honor we bestow upon an outstanding individual who exemplifies significant, consistent, and career-long contributions to the development of the logistics and supply chain management disciplines. Therefore, each of the Distinguished Service Award past winners were inducted in to the Hall of Fame at CSCMP's 2016 Annual Conference. And all future Distinguished Service Award winners will automatically be included each year.