Call for Sessions Content Criteria

CSCMP EDGE, formerly CSCMP's Annual Conference, delivers content based on the end-to-end supply chain, not just one discipline. We’re proud to be one of the very few supply chain conferences around that is developed by members for members. Our conference is not a trade show, therefore, we do not permit sales pitches or commercials in our highly coveted education sessions. Our content is unbiased and practitioner-focused.


 December-January  Call for Track Chairs and Selections
 February  Call for Sessions
 March  Conference Committee Review of Sessions
 April  Track Chair Orientation and Presentation of Sessions
 April-June  Track Development and Session Selection

Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is comprised of volunteers who are charged with developing an annual conference that satisfies the objectives of the organization and the wishes of the membership. The ACC must ensure that the track chairs seek to involve individuals with the broadest possible backgrounds in the conference program and related activities, thereby assuring that CSCMP develops the diversity of its membership/attendance.


Track: Track is a term used to demonstrate and organize the core areas of supply chain. Each Track contains 3 or 6 sessions.
Session: A session is a topic that contributes to the Track’s overall objective.

For example:
Track 4: Demand Planning

  • Session 1: Supply Chain Disaster Simulation
  • Session 2: Global Supply Chain Best Practices
  • Session 3: Case Studies in Integrated Business Planning
  • Session 4: How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected
  • Session 5: Managing Complexities in the Supply Chain
  • Session 6: Increasing Visibility of the Supply Chain

Content/Session Criteria

CSCMP promises attendees content that is education-driven and must contribute to the 2016 Education Tracks as determined by the Annual Conference Committee. The Annual Conference will deliver close to 108 sessions, which historically equates to nearly 500 speakers and 20% of our overall conference attendance. Each session and its speakers have 75 minutes to present their material including Q&A. Consultants/service providers must co-present with a customer/shipper/practitioner. 

Various session formatting styles are available, from debate to lecture, to case study/research to workshop. We welcome all forms of knowledge-sharing styles that will appeal to a wide variety of attendees via age, career level, etc.


Each track has a corresponding Track Chair. Track Chairs will work with select session speakers up through the conference and on site to ensure the content is ready, presenters are supported, feedback is collected from the audience, and that all other requirements are fulfilled.

Room Set

Each Track room is set theater style with a head table and chairs for panelists, podium, wireless microphones, projector, and screen. Each session leader must bring their own laptop. Internet is not provided, however, is available at a charge to the presenter(s).

Speaker Qualifications

Track Chairs have the autonomy to build the sessions within their track and manage the acquisition of the speakers. CSCMP has the following qualifications in order to speak at the conference:

Membership: All speakers or panelists must be members of CSCMP. The type of membership does not matter as long as they are members.
Registration: Conference registration is a requirement to be a speaker. Speakers are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. Fulfillment is encouraged before September 1.

Speaker Registration Rate: $995
Speaker Registration Rate + Membership: $1,320

Please note: CSCMP requires speakers to be members and registered for the conference because we are a nonprofit, member-driven organization helping to support supply chain through research, career resources, and professional education. The Board of Directors believes that CSCMP EDGE is an opportunity for selected speakers to present on their expertise to their peers, gain international visibility, and give back to the supply chain community.