Meet a Member

April 2017

Brian Cristol

Special Projects, Uber Everything 
San Francisco, California 
CSCMP Member for 1 Year


BA, University of California, Berkeley

When and why did you join CSCMP?
I joined CSCMP in September of 2016 to learn more about the global supply chain and to network within a strong community of supply chain management professionals.

How has being a CSCMP member helped you in your career?
CSCMP has opened my eyes to a world that I never paid close enough attention to in the past. They have provided a best-in-class platform and access to resources that have allowed individuals like myself learn and grow my knowledge base to make informed business decisions as we build our business across a variety of industries and markets.

What advice would you give to new members to help them maximize their membership value?
Get involved and be social! Showing up to the CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference, local roundtables and other events is half the work, and engaging with others is where those meaningful connections happen.  

How did you get into supply chain?
I fell into supply chain, and have enjoyed it ever since. I joined Uber to help find a product market fit for our businesses outside of just moving people. Moving food, moving products and then moving freight meant understanding the world of supply chain.

What are you passionate about in the supply chain field?
I’m passionate about building technology that improves the lives and businesses in the supply chain field. 

What is the biggest challenge you face on the job, and how are you managing it?
Adoption of technology and change in general is always going to be a challenge. However, telling our story and proving value can change that and I’m #superpumped to be a part of my organization and the revolutionary work we’re doing.

What are the biggest challenges facing the supply chain profession today?
The biggest challenge I see is the lack of technology and technological advancement, and the willingness to take risk and change the old ways of doing things.

Is there anything you’ve learned at a CSCMP conference or from a CSCMP publication that helped you solve a work-related issue?
I’ve learned through CSCMP that the supply chain community is united and that there is a willingness amongst companies and competitors to help each other and share best practices for improving their own supply chains and those of others.

Where do you see the future of the profession headed?
Millennials are bringing fresh, new ideas to the world of supply chain and I see more cloud-based technology being implemented in the near future due to the input and experience of this group.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work and career?
Outside of the office, I can often be found at Dolores Park in San Francisco with a breakfast burrito and a cup of Philz coffee. I also enjoy helping the community as an active member of The Guardsmen of San Francisco and rooting on my Oakland Raiders and California Golden Bears!

What is the single most important thing you’ve learned on your career journey?
I never knew that moving “stuff” was so interesting!

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