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December 2017 

Kimberlee Owens

When and why did you join CSCMP?
After graduating from Penn State I was looking for an organization to join to further expand my industry knowledge and professional network. I was first introduced to CSCMP when my company became a corporate sponsor; I started to explore what the organization offered and realized it would be a great fit.

How has being a CSCMP member helped you in your career? Being a member has helped me in two ways, first with my knowledge base and second with my network. I know I can rely on CSCMP through publications and the annual conference to provide information around key issues and evolutions in the industry. As a member of the CSCMP mentorship program I have had the opportunity to network with other professionals as well as develop a great relationship with my mentor. I joined the CSCMP Young Professionals committee earlier this year which has helped me to expand my peer network and help drive the organization forward.
What advice would you give to new members to help them maximize their membership value?
Get involved in whatever capacity you have time for. If you don’t have time to volunteer, you should attend local and national events. Keep an open mind and network as much as you can. The mentorship program is a great way to give back as a mentor or a mentee!
How did you get into supply chain?
I started as a Management major with the intent of picking up a minor after my first few semesters at Penn State. Once I took my first Supply Chain class I knew that was the field for me and decided to add it as a minor. Right after gradation I started working for Armada, a supply chain solutions company, which has given me the opportunity to explore different parts of the supply chain field.
What are you passionate about in the supply chain field?
I have always been passionate about sustainability. Supply chain has such a large impact on a company’s sustainability efforts and there is a great opportunity to make a difference!
What is the biggest challenge you face on the job, and how are you managing it?
Right now I am learning about new part of supply chain; I spent 5 years in Transportation Procurement, and recently started working in Demand Planning. Moving into a different side of the business has given me the opportunity to expand my supply chain knowledge while bringing my past experiences to the table to help drive the business forward.

What are the biggest challenges facing the supply chain profession today?
The speed of change is one of the biggest challenges; everyone is racing to find the next big thing. Also, staying relevant becomes more important with ever evolving technology and global landscape.

Is there anything you've learned at a CSCMP conference or from a CSCMP publication that helped you solve a work-related issue?
In my previous role I always found the Annual State of Logistics extremely relevant to help me understand current and future challenges in the industry. I like to read the CSCMP Supply Chain SmartBrief emails in the afternoon as it gives me a quick update on hot topics in the industry.

Where do you see the future of the profession headed?
It is refreshing to see supply chain is starting to gain more traction not only at the University level but also in some high schools. As technology continues to evolve there will be new and exciting opportunities within the field. Companies are starting to understand the value and competitive advantage of a strong supply chain which opens up new problems for supply chain professionals to solve.
What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work and career?
I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, cooking at least one new recipe a week and traveling with my husband. Also I have always been interested the arts, from going to see a show to exploring new art forms. We adopted a retired greyhound earlier this year so we have been spending time helping him get acclimated to retired life!

What is the single most important thing you've learned on your career journey?
Always keep an open mind, with the speed of change there is always something new to learn.

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