SCPro™ Level Two: Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management

Through successful completion of the SCPro™ Level Two case-based certification exam, professionals demonstrate the ability to integrate vast amounts of supply chain management knowledge and problem-solving skills. In the SCPro™ Level Two certification assessment process, candidates are presented with a global supply chain business scenario that requires analysis, identification of areas for optimization, and recommendations for how to make the supply chain more efficient.

Eligibility Requirements

To sit for the SCPro™ Level Two exam, candidates must fully meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Current SCPro™ Level One certification AND
  • Baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited university or college and three years of relevant supply chain management experience OR
  • Seven years of relevant supply chain management experience.
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SCPro™ Level Two 

Application for Eligibility​​

Exam Highlights

Content Overview

  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • External Process Integration
  • Internal Process Integration
  • Sustainability

Exam Features

  • Administered online at approved and proctored testing locations worldwide during designated testing windows. Learn more about scheduling your exam.
  • Comprised of a business case that presents the following information:
    – Detailed summary of a fictitious organization’s current strategies and operations including its strengths
    – Industry, environmental, and competitive issues facing the organization
    – Overview of the organization's current supply chain network and logistics processes
  • Response is entered online in an essay format
  • Four hours are allowed to complete the case study analysis
  • Grading is completed independently by two industry experts
  • Results are presented to candidate generally about four to six weeks after the close of the testing window.
  • Eligible candidates who receive a passing score are awarded a certificate of accomplishment generally about three weeks after the score is presented.

Preparing for the SCPro™ Level Two Certification Exam

The SCPro™ Level Two exam is not based on a single program of study. It assesses knowledge, skills and abilities across elements of the supply chain. Study method and time is typically driven by the candidate's preferred learning style as well as the breadth and depth of supply chain management knowledge and experience.

Although completion of the following is not required to sit for the SCPro™ certification exam, CSCMP makes available the following Certification Reference Materials to help candidates prepare for the exam. Materials used to prepare for the SCPro™ Level One exam may also be useful in preparing for the SCPro™ Level Two exam.

Renewal Requirements

Once you have passed your SCPro™ Level Two Certification exam, to maintain your certified status and to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to remain current in supply chain management, renewal of your SCPro™ certification is required every three years. View the Renewal Requirements.