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Human Centric Design ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Attracting and retaining quality labor is one of the biggest supply chain challenges companies face today. The question is "what can or should we consider doing differently?". This position paper reflects on a number of ideas that companies can employ to help with this challenge.
Download this CSCMP Hot Topic written by Rich Thompson, International Director, at JLL. 

nVision Global Contract Management ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

A contract management tool provides the ability to store and manage a shippers pricing rates/tariffs. Having a tool that is integrated to a TMS gives ability to auto rate to ensure routing guide is followed that drives efficiency and reduced freight spend.
Download this CSCMP Hot Topic written by Dave Maddox, SVP Global Supply Chain Sales at nVision Global. 

Take the Young Professionals Survey Presented by CSCMP, Penske Logistics, and Korn Ferry

The Young Professionals Survey was created to help logistics companies learn about the motivations of young professionals entering the field.
Take the Survey if you are a student or young professional under 32 years of age.

Robots are Being Overhyped for eCommerce ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Almost every trade magazine you pick up today has an article telling how great robots are for improving productivity in distribution centers (DCs). Many articles include photos and videos showing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) moving down an aisle in a picking zone with claims of large increases in picking performance. AMRs are fine for some DC tasks in receiving and shipping, but with rare exceptions, they are poor choices and are being overhyped for fulfillment of eCommerce orders consisting of a few lines of mixed products.
Download this CSCMP Hot Topic written by FastFetch Corporation. 

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