CSCMP's Mentorship Program

The program is currently in session, so we are not accepting new participants at the moment. Enrollment will open again in spring 2022 so please return to this page for updates. For more information and further inquiries, contact Rocio Cadena at [email protected]


About the Program

Developed by CSCMP's Young Professionals Committee, our Mentorship Program is designed to foster knowledge and connection through learning partnerships. The goal of CSCMP’s Mentorship Program is to help you take a proactive role in your supply chain career development journey by giving you the opportunity to become involved in a valuable 1:1 paired mentoring partnership.

What is a mentoring partnership?

A mentoring partnership connects two individuals with the shared goal of personal and professional development.

Mentoring partnerships facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and experience. Mentoring dynamics also foster learning with and from one another, receiving and giving career advice and collaborating to generate new innovative ideas.

Mentoring partnerships should be based on mutual trust and respect in which both parties benefit on a professional and personal level. A mentoring partnership can be tailored to your specific goals, needs and priorities. All career levels, ages, and member types are welcome to apply as a mentor or mentee.

Benefits of a mentorship program

  • Mentees share and learn critical knowledge and skills to advance their career.
  • Mentors contribute to the career development of mentees while strengthening their leadership and communication skills.
  • Mentors and mentees leverage one another as soundboard for advice, encouragement, perspective and career planning.
  • Both mentors and mentees build their professional networks while holding one another accountable to achieve their goals and priorities.

Why participate in a mentorship program?

“The CSCMP mentorship program was highly rewarding and truly global. My mentee was based in Hungary, and I was transitioning from Singapore to Chicago. We were a great fit and he really drove the process for us. I very much appreciate the opportunity to share my experience and enjoyed being a mentor. To top it off, the program was well structured and provided plenty of material to get us going.”
Andreas M. Radke
Executive Consultant
mSE Solutions

“The CSCMP mentorship program has been a great experience thus far. I have learned what it takes to build a solid mentoring relationship thanks to the curriculum provided by this program. If given the chance to do it all over again, I would!”
Denise Suzanne Guevara
Product Quality Engineer

“I really have enjoyed CSCMP’s mentorship program. It has allowed me to reflect on my career and share lessons learned with the logistics leaders of the future. It has been a rewarding and gratifying and I have benefited from the experience as well.”
Brian W. Abbott
Director of Business Development
Supply Chain Solutions