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The Raymond Corporation

What is your company all about?
For more than 95 years, The Raymond Corporation, an electric forklift global provider, has built a reputation not only based on quality and service, but also on innovation. Raymond manufactures a full line of forklifts that meets a variety of material handling needs and offers advanced end-to-end warehouse solutions that enable operations to run better and manage smarter. This philosophy helps ensure Raymond and its customers are always evolving, always running, always moving ahead — and always on.

What makes your company different than other companies in your industry?
Superior quality, reliability and product innovation are key brand differentiators for Raymond. Because of these differentiators, Raymond is known for its end-to-end customized solutions that use flexible automation and industry-leading consultations to further enhance and streamline processes to help customers drive down costs, which — with today’s e-commerce demands — is essential for businesses to remain competitive.

What was your company's most recent greatest accomplishment?
One of the company’s most recent accomplishments has been the development of the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator. This tool uses an existing Raymond forklift and plugs into the company’s patent-pending sPort, or Simulation Port, to create an immersive learning environment for operators.

Under the guidance of a certified instructor, operators progress through a series of standardized lessons within a controlled virtual environment — all while using and learning on actual Raymond truck controls. The VR lessons, preloaded by truck model, increase in complexity to build upon principles learned in earlier lessons and assist in providing the user with consistent, quality instruction while reinforcing desired behaviors. 

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry? 
Closing the labor and skills gap is an industrywide challenge. To address this issue, Raymond is harnessing technology to help customers educate employees in ways they understand and find engaging to help overcome the impact of manufacturing’s labor shortage. With proper instruction using an innovative tool, employees are more likely to stay in a position long term when they work for a company that views them as valuable assets.

Why is your company a CSCMP Corporate Member?
Being a CSCMP corporate member helps Raymond connect with customers, prospects and peers to share industry insights and findings about the latest trends and product designs. CSCMP also offers our employees educational and professional development tools — continuous learning is an important value we encourage among our team.

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