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Suddath Global Logistics

What is your company all about?
Suddath® is a family owned company that moves people, businesses and products. Started in 1919 in by a Jacksonville, Florida entrepreneur, we have since grown into a global company with access to brokered and asset-based transportation and millions of square feet in warehousing space. As our overall organization approaches an amazing milestone of being in business for a century, the company overall, including Suddath’s Global Logistics division, is committed to investing in technology, innovation and lean processes.

What makes your company different than other companies in your industry?
At Suddath Global Logistics our focus is on taking care of the customer and our employees. What differentiates us from the larger logistics companies is our willingness and ability to be flexible in tailoring our customer solutions. Our goal is to treat each other and our clients like family. We commit to 24/7 customer service support and to be a thought leader in the industry in order to reimagine the way the world moves.

What was your company's most recent greatest accomplishment?
We are very proud to be preparing to celebrate Suddath’s 100-year anniversary coming up in 2019, a milestone that we feel is a direct result of the trust we’ve earned from our customers over the decades. We are also very proud of one of our more near-term achievements of Suddath Global Logistics just celebrating 365 days of being an injury-free workplace. Safety is our top priority, and it has taken a daily commitment from the top down to reach that milestone.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?
Suddath has a company history that originates in the residential household goods moving space. This has taken us far and has allowed us to build a reputable name for ourselves as a moving company. However, as we grow and focus on other spaces, services and markets, Suddath Global Logistics strives to further brand ourselves as a 3PL supply chain logistics provider. Many competitors have a higher head count and are more established when it comes to name recognition in the logistics industry, but we have been able to distinguish ourselves when it comes to quality, customer service and satisfaction, and a broad scope of service delivery.

Why is your company a CSCMP Corporate Member?
Suddath Global Logistics values educational development and investment in our people. We appreciate the networking opportunities that the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals offers. Annually, we have enjoyed attending the Edge conference and SCE exhibition hall as an opportunity to grow in knowledge on industry trends and meet the next generation eager to pursue a career in the 3PL sphere. As a thought leader and innovator in the industry we find it critical to be a part of strategic professional organizations like CSCMP. We feel this council encapsulates a very distinct group of professionals that we can continue to grow and learn with.

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