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In a nutshell, what is your company all about?
FastFetch is a niche hardware and software provider for the Distribution, Warehousing and Manufacturing industries. The focus is on Order Fulfillment, e-Commerce and Right Sized Packaging. Our patented solutions use genetic based algorithms to determine the most efficient and fastest way for pickers to traverse through a distribution center to pick orders more quickly and more efficiently. We also provide solutions for right sized packaging to reduce the cost of shipping. We use multi-modal technology including lights (LED with infrared), bar-code scanning and voice output.

What makes your company different than other companies in your industry?
The algorithms, scalability, cost effectiveness and mostly the people.

What is your company’s most recent greatest accomplishment?
FastFetch won the 2019 Supply Chain Innovation award at the CSCMP EDGE Conference in Anaheim, CA sponsored by CSCMP and SupplyChainBrain.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?
FastFetch’s biggest challenge is brand awareness.

How does your company approach recruiting and retaining talent? What challenges do you face?
Located in historic Pendleton, SC just outside Clemson University, we use Clemson students as our primary target. Our founders are both retired Clemson University professors.

Why is your company a CSCMP Corporate Member?
For the networking, participation in the SC Roundtable, events, newsletter and website resources.



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