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Uber Freight

In a nutshell, what is your company all about?
Uber Freight eliminates friction in the supply chain by connecting the right carrier with the right shipper, at the right time and price. Uber Freight’s vast digital network unlocks opportunities for carriers and their drivers to grow their businesses, and provides shippers with reliable and always available truck capacity. Uber Freight’s suite of on-demand logistics tools and services enable shippers to price, tender, and track freight at scale and with speed. The business launched in 2017 and now counts over 400k drivers in its network and 1000+ shippers as customers, including AB Inbev, Niagara Bottling, Land O’Lakes and many more Fortune 500 companies. It is among Uber’s fastest growing business units and is currently operating in the US and Europe.

What makes your company different than other companies in your industry?
Uber’s technology has fundamentally changed how people and things move around cities. Uber Freight aims to transform how goods get to cities. Uber’s global experience of rapidly building seamless transportation networks unlocks value for everyone who depends on freight delivery: manufacturers and shippers who make goods, carriers and truck drivers who move goods around the country, and the local businesses and consumers who depend on them. Our team, composed of the best and brightest minds in engineering and logistics, harnesses new and innovative technologies like machine learning to help solve challenges that run deep in a largely manual, inefficient industry.

What is your company’s most recent greatest accomplishment?
At Uber Freight, we are building a future in which shippers and carriers work together within a transparent, collaborative marketplace to the greater benefit of all, including the end-consumer. This year, we announced facility ratings, a new function within the Uber Freight platform that empowers carriers and their drivers to share honest feedback on facilities, and give shippers the insights they need to act on it. With facility ratings, shippers now have the reliable, actionable driver experience data they need – but otherwise do not have access to – to measure their facilities’ performance, identify areas of improvement and build efficiencies. As drivers and carriers continue to leave ratings and reviews, and as shippers begin to act on the feedback they’re receiving, Uber Freight will continue to share insights that enable a freight ecosystem defined by transparency, communication, and action.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?
One of the biggest challenges for shippers today is data fragmentation and opacity – traditional processes allow little visibility into the supply chain, with companies making operational decisions based on historical knowledge and manual negotiations. We aim to bring real-time data and price transparency to the industry to empower shippers and carriers to make better informed decisions for their businesses, helping them streamline their own supply chains and in turn power industry-wide change.

Why is your company a CSCMP Corporate Member?
CSCMP provides a valuable forum for collaboration and communication with other industry leaders, and their research and educational opportunities keep driving the industry forward. We believe in CSCMP’s mission to offer hands-on learning, foster community, and promote discussion that leads to innovation around the future of the supply chain.

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