PayScale is a cloud based compensation software that can help you and your company make data driven compensation decision with a database of more than 54 million total salary profiles.

Unlike other compensation evaluation tools, PayScale is updated daily so you can receive up to date compensation reports of the field you specialize in and stay ahead of the market.

Your Company

Start using Payscale today and begin utilizing extensive analytics about your workforce.  With this data analysis and reports you will have access to:
  • See how your workforce salaries match to market pay ranges
  • Adjust Salaries of overpaid or underpaid employees
  • Identify flight risks
  • Determine raises
  • Prepare both employee total compensation statements and executive reports

Contact Burt Blanchard at to discover basic and advanced resources to help you master compensation.  Whether you are an HR manager looking for step-by-step guides to help you get through a tough compensation challenge or a business executive looking for ways to retain employees while maintaining the bottom line, Payscale has a resource to help you master compensation. ​

Your Salary

Individual employees or job seekers can also utilize PayScale to their advantage. Find your personal salary report today and discover:

  • The exact pay range for your job
  • Salary information about people similar to you and your position
  • The next steps for your career path
Accurate, real-time salaries for thousands of careers.