CSCMP Explores…

Each issue of CSCMP Explores… is written by a leading expert and summarizes recent, high-impact supply chain management research, trends, and best practices. Explores… is an efficient, effective way to keep up with a changing supply chain environment. Every issue is a brief booklet (like sister publication CSCMP Global Perspectives) that still provides enough in-depth information to help understand new or different approaches to the art and science of the supply chain.

What can CSCMP Explores… do for you?

  • Explores… has enjoyed a rich history of invaluable coverage of supply chain hot topics, since its inception eight years ago.
  • Readers find that Explores…is an invaluable quick read to stay abreast of today’s hottest supply chain topics and hot buttons.
  • Topics focus on practical, real-world information that not only informs your day-to-day decisions, but also equips you to handle whatever uncertainties today’s economy can throw your way.
  • Issues alternate from in-depth coverage of supply chain topics to real-world case studies that showcase best practices and lessons learned from implementation.

If you are interested in authoring, or were asked to author, one of CSCMP's periodicals (Hot Topics, Explores, or Global Perspectives) you may find the CSCMP Periodical Style Guide useful.

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