CSCMP Global Perspectives

What can CSCMP Global Perspectives do for you?

Each issue of Global Perspectives takes an easy-to-read, in-depth look at research on a particular country or region to assist today’s supply chain professionals to better understand the business complexities of various regions and countries of the world.

  • Is your business expanding into new regions?
  • Are you seeking suppliers and supply chain partners in other countries?
  • Are you aware of the realities of doing business in these distant settings?
  • Are you looking for a reliable, concentrated source of unbiased information on doing business in these settings?

CSCMP Global Perspectives examines a particular country’s supply chain management (SCM) and logistics environments as well as general demographics and socioeconomic information. Each issue is a short booklet, similar to sister publication CSCMP Explores....

If you would like to submit a topic and author for a future issue, please e-mail the Research Strategies Committee.

If you are interested in authoring, or were asked to author, one of CSCMP's periodicals (Hot Topics, Explores, or Global Perspectives) you may find the CSCMP Periodical Style Guide useful.

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