Other Research

CSCMP is widely recognized as a leader in cutting edge research to advance the supply chain management profession. The Research Strategies Committee undertakes the development of CSCMP’s research agenda and oversees the projects. Depending on the research initiative, research teams use original data collection (primary research), secondary sources, or survey methods—or more typically a combination—that add advance knowledge and provide value to today’s supply chain practitioner.

Research Classifications

CSCMP has historically categorized the research it produces in the following ways:

  • How To (or back to basics) research develops a structured approach or “model” to guide the logistics practitioner through the accomplishment of a significant logistics process or task.
  • Benchmark research provides data on the cost or effectiveness of some element—often cost and/or service performance levels by activity, or by activity within certain industries—associated with performing logistics functions.
  • State of the Art research reports on current conditions in some aspect of logistics.
  • Risk research examines conceptual topics that have very broad strategic implications. Risk research is leading edge, in which a significant contribution could very well be made in the area of problem definition, as well as in the specific research findings.
  • Targets of Opportunity research provides timely research on major world events that dramatically impact logistics, such as airline strikes, oil embargos, acts of God, and stock market crashes.

Research Submissions

Do you have a research project idea or full proposal that could benefit and add value for the CSCMP practitioner membership? Send your idea and contact information to the Research Strategies Committee via e-mail

The Research Strategies Committee reviews proposals and new project ideas at their quarterly meetings, as well as decides to launch RFIs and/or sole sourced research projects. We cannot promise that we will use unsolicited submission ideas, and submission of an idea or proposal does not give you "ownership" of the idea. All proposals will be evaluated based on merit.

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