Rocky Mountain Roundtable - Circle Graphics Tour

Rocky Mountain Roundtable - Circle Graphics Tour
The Rocky Mountain Roundtable is pleased to announce our next tour event at Circle Graphics in Longmont, Colorado.

Time / Place: Tuesday June 20th, 5pm-7pm

Optional Networking Dinner following Tour - Location TBD

Please note registration is limited to 30. Register today.

Many thanks to Circle Graphics for hosting this event.

About Circle Graphics' Consumer Digital Printing -

There’s an unassuming factory in Longmont, Colorado, on the eastern edge of Boulder County. It might look ordinary from the outside, but there are miracles happening within. Designers creating the strongest, lightest canvas wraps ever made. Engineers inventing new machines to assemble those wraps. And chemists whipping up the most colorful, environmentally-conscious inks in the industry. Because of them, we can bring you amazing canvas faster and cheaper than anyone else in the world. For more information - CODE-RNDTB
6/20/2017 5:00 PM - 6/20/2017 7:00 PM
Circle Graphics 120 9th Avenue Longmont, CO 80501 USA

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