The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Announces the Winner of the 2018 Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award

Nashville, TN - (October 1, 2018) The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) presented the Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award to the most valuable paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics (JBL) during CSCMP's Annual EDGE Conference beginning on September 30, 2018, in Nashville, TN.
The 2018 Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award was awarded to Craig R. Carter, Lutz Kaufmann, and Claudia M. Wagner for their paper, "Reconceptualizing Intuition in Supply Chain Management".
As stated in the abstract:
Studies in the psychology and management disciplines suggest that intuition might be able to complement rationality as an effective decision-making approach. Yet, a review of how decision makers in supply chain contexts can benefit from using their intuition demonstrates that our discipline lacks a unifying conceptualization and operationalization of the complex intuition construct. Our study addresses this opportunity by following an extensive mixed-method approach, in which we first use qualitative content analysis and quantitative testing to conceptualize intuition as a multidimensional construct consisting of experience-based, emotional, and automatic-processing dimensions. We then operationalize and empirically assess multidimensionality using a multiple study format and perform an inferential analysis to begin to assess nomological validity. Our reconceptualization of intuition allows for a richer understanding of this key facet of supply chain management decision making, and our accompanying scale provides evidence of its multidimensionality and efficacy in making decisions in the uncertain and time-constrained environments that supply chain managers often face.
Craig Carter is a professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University.  His primary research stream focuses on sustainable supply chain management.  This research stream encompasses ethical issues in buyer-supplier relationships, environmental supply management, diversity sourcing, perceptions of opportunism in supply chain relationships, and the broader, integrative concepts of social responsibility and sustainability. Lutz Kaufmann is a professor of international business and supply management at the Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.  Lutz has published more than a dozen books on strategy, supply management, and negotiations.  Since 2008, Lutz has been the European Editor of the Journal of Supply Chain Management, and in that role, he helps to shape the future research agenda of that field. Claudia M. Wagner received her Ph.D. in Economic Science from the Otto Beisheim School of Management.  She is currently working with Lekkerland in Germany as a project and program manager managing and motivating cross-functional project management teams.
To be considered for this prestigious award, your paper must be published in the Journal of Business Logistics. The JBL provides a forum for the dissemination of original thoughts, research, and best practices within the logistics and supply chain arenas.  The editorial objectives of the JBL are to advance knowledge and science and to stimulate greater thought and effort in the fields of logistics and supply chain management by providing readers with:
•  New and helpful information
•  Logistics and supply chain management theory or techniques
•  Research generalizations about logistics and supply chain management thought and practice
•  Creative views and syntheses of dispersed concepts in logistics and supply chain management

Articles in subject areas that have a significant current impact on thought and practice in logistics and supply chain management that present challenges for the future.

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