What is a Roundtable?

Roundtables are CSCMP’s local chapters. CSCMP has more than 80 roundtables across the U.S. and around the globe. Our roundtables are run by a volunteer network consisting of CSCMP members. Our roundtables host hundreds of local events per year, including educational events, networking events, facility tours and more. 
“I’ve always appreciated the networking opportunity these events bring. It’s cool to meet new people from within the industry or from related industries. Often, members are students or academics from the field that appreciate real-world discussions. I also appreciate the presentations typically set up as part of a roundtable event. I’ve learned a lot about applying practical solutions to complicated supply chain problems over the few years that I’ve attended.”
XPO Logistics, Inc. 

How Do I Get Started?

Every CSCMP member is assigned to a local roundtable upon purchase of his or her membership. You can self-select other roundtables you’re interested in learning about. Check out our list of upcoming events.

What Does Attending Roundtable Events Offer Me?

  • Member-to-member relationship building – Connect with hundreds of professionals in your local area
  • Access to industry leaders – Meet and learn from top supply chain experts
  • Insight and perspective – You won’t just get the news, you’ll get the viewpoints of SCM insiders
  • Solutions and best practices – Learn how to solve personal and organizational challenges
  • Referrals to customers – Close business in your local market
  • Stand out through volunteer leadershipLearn more

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