SCM Talent Development: The Develop Process
SCM Talent Development: The Develop Process
Effective hiring is step one in the creation of a strong SCM team. Next, talented individuals must be quickly acclimated, continuously trained, and properly deployed to meet the supply chain requirements of the organization. Hence, supply chain leaders must immerse new hires in the organization’s culture and provide current team members with opportunities to expand their capabilities. This can be achieved through the strategic talent development process detailed in this publication: Supply Chain Management Talent Development: The Develop Process. This book helps to analyze organizational strategies for SCM training and education. Throughout this publication, you will discover leading practices for onboarding, training, and guiding supply chain talent. These talent investments will help you maximize the capabilities of your supply chain team.
Authors: Brian Gibson, Auburn University; Zac Williams, Central Michigan University; Sean Goffnett, Central Michigan University; and Robert Cook, Central Michigan University.
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