333 East Butterfield Road, Suite 140
Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA
Main Phone Number
+1 630.574.0985

  Executive Office

Rick Blasgen, President and CEO, (, Direct +1 630.645.3458
» Chief of Staff
» Responsible for overall business operations and strategic plan of the organization

Sue Paulson, Executive Assistant, (, Direct +1 630.645.3469
» Assistant to Mr. Blasgen
» Office administration
» Approval of copyright requests
» Administration of Distinguished Service Award
  Business Development

Burt Blanchard, Director, Business Development, (,Direct +1 630.645.3488
» Oversees all activities of the business relations and solutions department
» Oversees the CSCMP corporate membership program
» Targets new business and opportunities for CSCMP

Leah Benshoof, Strategic Account Manager, (, Direct +1 630.645.3455
» Manages key corporate accounts
» Supports and serves as point of contact for business development team
» Responds to inbound sales inquiries
» Performs market research to develop growth targets

Sharon Gentile, Business Development Associate (, Direct +1 630.645.3467
» Provides customer service to corporate members
» Manages content, schedule, and delivering of monthly corporate e-bulletin
» Completes administrative duties for business development team
» Helps with market research for new corporate member prospects
  Education and Research

Elaine Mrzlak, Director of Education & Certification, (, Direct +1 630.645.3476
» Responsible for overseeing all SCPro™ Certification
» Directs daily operations of the education programs, products and publication

Julie Bodenstab, Education Coordinator, (, Direct +1 630.645.3483
» Responsible for supporting SCPro candidates & certificants
» Assist candidates with registering for SCPro exams
» Respond to inquiries regarding the SCPro certification program
  Member Services and Roundtables

Pam Scheibenreif,  Director, Member Services and Roundtables, (, Direct +1 630.645.3470

» Directs daily operations of the Roundtable Service Center
» Directs daily operations of the Member Services department
» Responsible for roundtable policy compliance
» Responsible for overseeing the planning of Roundtable leadership events

  Member Services

Krissy Scordato,  Manager Member Services, (, Direct +1 630.645.3464
» Oversees all member services related functions
» Oversees CSCMP Career Center job board
» Oversees Annual Conference registration process
» Oversees book display at Annual Conference

Naomi Lorenzo,  Member Services Coordinator, (, Direct +1 630.645.3479
» Responsible for career center customer service sales and support.
» Provides customer service support for membership, annual conference and event registration sales
» Provides administrative and technical support for members

Lisa Dzieciol,  Member Services Associate, (, Direct +1 630.645.3462
» Dues payments
» Processes Annual Conference registrations
» Processes address changes and member profile updates

Melissa Conrad,  Member Services Assistant, (, Direct +1 630.645.3463
» Provides customer service support to members

Linda Haymond-Bock,  Member Services Sales, ((, Direct +1 630.645.3465
» Responsible for Member Orientation
» Responsible for membership sales
» Responsible for Recruitment Day at Annual Conference
» Responsible for Annual Conference registration sales
  Roundtable Services

Denise Rivers, Manager, Roundtable Administration, (, Direct +1 630.645.3466
» Oversees all roundtable administrative functions and activities
» Manages on-boarding process of new roundtables
» Responsible for Roundtable Drupal Administrator set up and training
» Manages Student Assistant program for Annual Conference

Susan Tomczak,  Roundtable Coordinator, (, Direct +1 630.645.3486
» Responsible for member engagement and membership growth through assigned Roundtables
» Assist Roundtables with event planning and administrative support
» Manages Roundtable Speaker Bank
» Manages Student Recruitment Day at Annual Conference

James Schulze, Director Operations, (, Direct +1 630.645.3456
» Association's Main Liaison for CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
» Strategic Planning for the Association
» Association's legal issues
» Annual State of Logistics event
» Annual Conference Supply Chain Exchange liaison
» Liaison for all Sponsorships
  Vice President

Chris Adderton, Vice President, (, Direct +1 630.645.3484
» Responsible for overall operations
» Responsible for overall information technology
» Responsible for overall marketing
  Conference and Events

Heather Wood, Conference and Events Content Manager, (, Direct +1 630.645.3454
» Conference track chair and speaker liaison
» On-Site Education liaison
» Supply Chain Innovation Award liaison
» CSCMP-sponsored seminars and workshops
  Finance & Meeting Services

Tony Poidomani, CFO,, Direct +1 630.645.3471
» Oversees all accounting and administration functions

Jill Carrillo,  Staff Accountant, (, Direct +1 630.645.3491
» General ledger - corporate & conference accounts
» Inventory control
» Accounts payable & receivable
» Sales orders
  Meeting Services

Margaret O'Connor,  Senior Manager Meetings Services, (, Direct +1 630.645.3482
» Logistics for annual conference
» On-site management of annual conference
» Assists in planning of other meetings
  Information Technology

Valarie Schultz, Senior Web Administrator and Developer, (, Direct +1 630.645.3478

» Website systems administer for various online enterprise solutions
» Conference app and software administer
» Project liaison with outside IT vendors
» Roundtable hosting, domain administer and site developer*
» SEO optimization & web traffic analyst

(*For RT Admin assistance, please see Denise Rivers)


Amy Thomasson,  Associate Director, Membership Development & Industry Partnerships, (, Direct +1 630.645.3480
» Plan & implement strategies to grow CSCMP membership
» Directs daily operations of the Membership Development
» Implement & oversee targeted marketing & sales growth strategies for the LINCS program

Traci Erkenswick, Marketing Specialist, (, Direct +1 630.645.3451
» Design, implements, and manages the creation of print and digital marketing collateral
» Assists in the development and implementation of marketing and event initiatives



Founded in 1963, providing educational, career development, and networking opportunities to members and to the entire Supply Chain Management profession.