2016 European Research Seminar

CSCMP European Research Seminar (ERS)

WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna, Austria
12 and 13 May, 2016
ERS Call for Papers [PDF]

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business are arranging the eleventh European Research Seminar (ERS) in May 2016. There are three formats for submission to the conference:

1) Full papers - Authors of full papers accepted for European Research Seminar will be asked to present their paper at the conference. Such presentation is a precondition for possible publication in the Journal of Business Logistics. An abstract of 200-250 words that outlines both the content and the utilized research methodology needs to be submitted by 5 February, 2016. The deadline for submission of the full papers is 22 February, 2016.

2) Work-in-progress papers - are also of very high quality, but at an earlier stage in the research process than the full papers, where research is finished. They will be reviewed by the scientific board for their potential to eventually be published in a top logistics/SCM journal. The deadline for submission of the WIP papers is 22 February, 2016.

3) Discussion topics - To facilitate open interaction and discussion, the ERS will also include 60 to 90 minutes time slots dedicated to discussing topics of high relevance. The aim of these sessions is to discuss topics that are of high relevance for academic research and/or the future development of the discipline; these topics should be focused at new areas of research and/or exploiting new research methods. The deadline for proposing discussion topics is 22 February 2016.

For additional information about the call for papers and the ERS conference, access the ERS Call for Papers and review the WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business website.

About the 11th Annual European Research Seminar

ERS is an interactive conference, which centers on intensive discussion on new developments and top quality research among all participants. The purpose of the ERS is to expose and discuss contemporary issues in European logistics and supply chain management. ERS is a platform for interaction both formally in the sessions and informally outside of them.

Topics of interest for ERS are:

  • Sustainable logistics and supply chain management
  • IT and digitalization within supply chains
  • Big data analysis: application in logistics and SCM
  • Supply chain learning and innovation: insights from European cases
  • Distribution strategies and (online) retailing in Europe
  • Impact of EU regulations on transport, logistics and SCM
  • European logistics service providers: strategy, structure and relationships
  • Development and implications of logistics clusters in Europe
  • Reverse logistics in a supply chain context
  • Barriers and facilitators of supply chain collaboration, integration and, alignment
  • Coping with uncertainties and risks in international and global supply chains
  • Horizontal collaboration and alliances

This list is not exclusive and other issues – especially forward-thinking and innovative topics – relating to managerial aspects of logistics and SCM are welcomed. We encourage and invite the European academic research community to submit papers to be presented and discussed at the conference, but others are also welcome to submit.


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