Continuing Education for SCPro™ Certification Renewal

Through the SCPro™ certification renewal requirements, CSCMP encourages life-long learning.

Achieving certification is an indication of mastery of a well-defined body of knowledge at a point in time. To maintain certified status and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to remain current in supply chain management, renewal of SCPro™ certification is required every three years.

  • The certification renewal cycle begins on the last day of the month in which a passing score was achieved on the SCPro™ Level One certification exam and ends three years later, and is required every three years from that point forward.
  • The certification renewal date is the same date on a three-year cycle unless the certification expires.  In that case, the renewal date starts over from the last day of the month in which the SCPro™ Level One certification exam was passed to regain the certification. 
  • Certificants must earn 60 continuing education units ( CEUs*) during the three-year renewal cycle.
    – Minimum of 20 CEUs must be earned per year.
    – Maximum of 30 CEUs may be applied toward the renewal requirement for any given year.
  • For the first certification renewal cycle, education or activities completed prior to being awarded the certification are not eligible for the first reporting cycle. Reported activities must have been completed during the three-year renewal cycle.
    SCPro™ certificants who fail to meet the certification renewal requirements loose the SCPro™designation and must retest and earn a passing score on the exam to regain the certification. All exam fees apply.

* A CEU is equal to one hour of a structured learning activity.

Documentation for Continuing Education

Certificants are responsible for maintaining and retaining the documentation as proof of participation in an approved professional development activity. The application process for maintaining the SCPro™ certification includes submitting documentation that includes information such as the following:

  • Education administrator
  • Date of the event
  • Agenda that shows the topic and length of course
  • Goals and objectives of the educational program
  • Proof of registration (confirmation)
  • Proof of attendance (certificate of attendance or other document showing you were in attendance throughout the course of a program)
  • A completed certification renewal form and CSCMP must be submitted to CSCMP prior to the certification expiration date. Visit the Certification Renewal page for more information.

For questions about the eligibility of an activity/event toward the certification renewal requirements or the number of reportable hours, please contact or call +1 630.574.0985 and ask for certification.

Interested in Becoming an SCPro™ Approved Continuing Education Provider?

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