Renewal Requirements

Achieving your certification is an indication of your mastery of a well-defined body of knowledge at one point in time. To maintain your certified status and to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to remain current in supply chain management, renewal of your SCPro™ certification is required every three years.

Please note: SCPro™ certificants who fail to meet the certification renewal requirements lose their SCPro™ designation and must take and pass the test again to regain the certification. All exam fees apply.

Certificants must renew the SCPro™ credential by completing 60 hours of eligible professional development activities during the three-year renewal period. The certification renewal period begins on the last day of the month in which the certification was earned (i.e., a passing score was earned on the SCPro™ Level One certification exam) and every three years thereafter.

  • Minimum of 20 hours of eligible professional development activity must be completed annually.
  • Minimum total of 60 hours must be completed over the three-year certification renewal period.
  • No more than 30 hours in a given year can be applied toward the renewal requirements.
  • Certificants who do not keep their SCPro™ certification current will have their designation revoked by CSCMP and can only regain the designation by retesting and receiving a passing score on the SCPro™ certification exam.

Documentation for Certification Renewal Activities

Certificants are responsible for maintaining and retaining the documentation for the professional activities completed, such as the following:

  • Educational program description including program title, education provider, agenda, learning objectives, etc.
  • Proof of attendance (certificate of attendance or other document showing you completed the course or program)
  • Hours awarded for participation

For more information on acceptable continuing education options, please visit our Continuing Education page.

Renewal Cycles

SCPro™ Level One Certification
The initial renewal cycle begins on the last day of the month in which you passed the exam and ends three years later. Renewal is then required every three years from that point forward.

SCPro™ Level Two Certification
The renewal cycle is a continuation of the the SCPro™ Level One Certification renewal cycle. The certification renewal date is the same date on a three-year cycle unless the certification expires. In that case, the renewal date starts over from the last day of the month in which the SCPro™ Level One certification exam was passed to regain the certification.

Renew my Certification Now

Prior to the certification expiration date, please follow the steps below to renew your SCPro™ Certification:

  1. Submit the certification renewal fee
  2. Complete and submit the CEU Worksheet (below) and any required documentation to
Download the CEU Worksheet
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)