Supply Chain Management Essentials

Authored and presented by an industry expert, Brian Gibson of Auburn University, Supply Chain Management Essentials (SCME) is an innovative online course that provides insight into supply chain planning, processes, and global operations via discussion, animation, and industry video clips.

Each course video is about 45-60 minutes. You can complete the episodes in any order and access them for as long and often as needed during the assigned access period:

  • Individual episode: 90 days from date of purchase
  • Twelve-episode bundle: Six (6) months from date of purchase

Key Features

  • Relevant Course Content: Content covers the spectrum of SCM strategies and industry best practices in concise lessons containing essential concepts, current issues, and industry applications of critical supply chain topics.
  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Each episode contains a video, presentation materials, recommended reading list, brief case study and review questions to assess understanding of key concepts.
  • Convenient Access
    • Key concepts are presented in an engaging and flexible format.
    • Accessible at your convenience, from devices with Internet access.
    • Supports on-the-go wi-fi access on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
    • Content in each episode is segmented into multiple parts. Pause, skip, rewind and repeat functions allow you to customize your learning experience and review the materials as often as needed.
    • Proof of Completion. Downloadable certificate of completion awarded when a score of 70% or higher is achieved on the assessment. (Coming Soon)

Individuals who could benefit from completing SCME

  • Professionals new to the supply chain industry seeking to gain insight to critical elements of SCM.
  • Professionals experienced in some aspects of SCM and wanting to broaden their knowledge across the spectrum of supply chain processes.
  • Candidates preparing for the SCPro™  Level One certification exam.
  • SCPro certificants seeking eligible education activities to complete and report toward SCPro certification renewal requirements.

CPE for SCPro Certification renewal. 1 hour per video completed. The downloadable certificate of completion issued is your evidence for completing this education a part of the SCPro certification renewal requirement.

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SCM Essentials

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This episode describes the “buy” process of supply chain Management and the issues related to effective supply management. You will learn about the procurement fundamentals, purchasing processes, and the role of strategic sourcing. CODE-SCME2
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The episode discusses the “move” or “distribute” processes of supply chain management. You will gain insight into the key activities needed to successfully fulfill orders - transportation, inventory management, and warehousing. CODE-SCME2
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This episode describes the concepts of supply chain networks and their role in efficient product flows. You will learn about distribution strategies, fulfillment options, and the network design process. CODE-SCME2
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This episode covers the fundamental issues of supply chain management - what it involves, why it is important, and how products flow. You will gain insight into the SCM value proposition and key capabilities of competitive supply chains. CODE-SCME2
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The episode discusses the role of technology in supply chain management planning and execution. You will review supply chain technology requirements, key software categories, and emerging capabilities of technology innovations.  CODE-SCME2
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This episode concludes the discussion of global supply chain management with coverage of the global freight journey. You will learn what happens between the exporter’s factory and the importer’s DC - the intermodal flows, customs clearance, and post-clearance delivery.Related content is covered in episodes:Global SCM - International SourcingGlobal SCM - Export Preparation CODE-SCME2
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This episode continues the global supply chain management  discussion with content that addresses export preparations. You will receive critical insight to the preparation activities that affect the speed, cost, and success of global supply chains - terms of trade, documentation, and freight protection.Related content is covered in episodes:Global SCM International SourcingGlobal SCM International Delivery CODE-SCME2
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This episode begins our coverage of global supply chain management fundamentals and introduces the first set of activities in global operations. You will explore global sourcing and off-shore manufacturing - the strategies, opportunities, and potential pitfalls.Related content is covered in episodes:Global SCM Export PreparationsGlobal SCM International Delivery CODE-SCME2
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This episode addresses the role of capacity planning and forecasting across extended time horizons. You will be introduced to key principles and techniques of long range planning and gain an appreciation for the challenges involved in accurate, effective planning.Related content is also covered in episodes:Supply Chain ConceptsShort Range Planning CODE-SCME2
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This episode investigates the “make” process of supply chain management and the concepts of transformation. You will gain an appreciation for various production strategies, including lean and mass customization, as well as the value of proper product/facility layout coordination for efficient assembly.   CODE-SCME2
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This episode shines a light on the oft forgotten topic of customer service in supply chain management.  You will be introduced to the key activities that must take place after an order is fulfilled. Key coverage includes customer service, service parts fulfillment, and reverse logistics. CODE-SCME2
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This episode continues the coverage of supply chain planning with a focus on short to mid-range planning activities. It addresses the role of sales and operations (S&OP) planning, scheduling, and sequencing across brief time horizons. You will study the key planning activities that bring strategy to life through timely coordination of orders, materials, capacity, and labor.Related content is also covered in episode 3. Long Range Planning. CODE-SCME2
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When you purchase this product, you get access to all 12 episodes of the course, including the following:Supply Chain ConceptsNetwork DesignLong Range PlanningShort Range PlanningSupply Management:  The Buy ProcessProduction Management: The Make ProcessLogistics Management:  The Move ProcessCustomer Service:  The Post-Sales ProcessesSupply Chain TechnologyGlobal SC International SourcingGlobal SC Export PreparationGlobal SC International DeliveryYou have access to the episodes for a... Details