Student Membership

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Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, CSCMP Student Membership offers you a way to get an early start on your supply chain career.

Join now to access to an ever-growing number of global programs and resources designed specifically for students. Membership also provides unlimited possibilities to network and form lasting relationships—not with not only your global student peers, but also with industry professionals around the world who share first-hand insight into the “real-world” of the supply chain.

Student Roundtable Locations

Auburn University
Cal Poly Pomona University
No. Carolina A&T University
Penn State University
Syracuse Roundtable
Illinois Institute of Technology

Texas A&M University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of Tennessee
University of Wisconsin

Purpose of a CSCMP Student Roundtable

The purpose of a CSCMP student roundtable is to offer educational programs which raise the quality of logistics practice and help people develop both personally and professionally.


  • Know and serve your audience
  • Develop quality programs that provide knowledge that is meaningful, insightful and of high value to participants
  • Educate participants on the importance of global logistics and how it affects the world economies


  • The roundtable leadership should encourage, facilitate and practice networking

Personal and Professional Development

  • Create an organization that involves as many persons as possible, minimizing the time commitment required of any single member by leveraging technology
  • Involve them with meaningful responsibilities, which enables them to grow professionally and personally and to become more valuable to their organization
  • Demonstrate professional, personal and education benefits of volunteering
  • Institute a volunteer development program to attract, train and retain volunteers
  • Value the differences of all roundtables and the contributions they make to support the Council’s mission and values while ensuring that they adhere to the guidelines
  • Effectively communicate roundtable goals, activities, challenges and solutions through an integrated effort of the roundtable cabinet, the advisory committee and interested parties.


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