What Is SCPro™

The SCPro™ certification program is a career development opportunity for supply chain professionals. 

  • Candidates preparing for the SCPro™ certification deepen their supply chain management knowledge, skills, and abilities.  
  • Achieving SCPro™ certification is a way to demonstrate the capability to analyze, design, and implement quantifiable change across the complete range of end-to-end global supply chain functions. 

Developed by industry experts in partnership with CSCMP, SCPro™ is a three-tiered certification program that assesses progressive knowledge, skills, and abilities across supply chain activities. Unlike other certification programs, the third level of the SCPro™ program culminates with the implementation of a real-world solution.

  • SCPro™ Level One: Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management assesses knowledge of eight elements of supply chain management through an exam comprised of multiple-choice questions.
  • SCPro™ Level Two: Analysis and Application of Supply Chain Challenges assesses the ability to apply supply chain knowledge through a case study-based exam.
  • SCPro™ Level Three: Initiation of Supply Chain Transformation assesses the ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities through completion of a well-defined project in a real world setting. Successful completion of the project demonstrates the gamut of supply chain management skills needed to positively impact an organization.
Why Become SCPro™ Certified?

As a supply chain management professional, CSCMP's SCPro™ credential can be a gateway to continued success. Professionals who earn the SCPro™ credential can benefit in the following ways:

  • Distinction -- Distinguish yourself from others as a supply chain management expert with the breadth of knowledge and operational skills to positively impact an organization
  • Recognition -- Gain respect from your how colleagues for earning the credential.
  • Impact -- Demonstrate your understanding of integrated supply chain management activities and increased capacity to add value and have a positive impact on an organization.
  • Commitment -- Illustrate dedication to ongoing professional development and deepening supply chain knowledge and skills through keeping the certification current.
  • Marketability -- Demonstrate increased potential for advancement in an organization.
  • Connection -- Become part of an elite group of professionals who earned the SCPro certification.
 SCPro Program Highlights
  • Rigorous, three-level certification process.
  • Specific eligibility requirements for each level that must be fully met before a candidate can complete the exam.
  • Process validates the ability to strategically assess business challenges and effectively implement supply chain improvements.
  • Assessment requires analyzing real-world case studies and developing a comprehensive project plan to achieve results such as a positive ROI.
  • Certificants are required to keep the certification current by fully meeting certification renewal requirements every three years. A lost certification can be regained only by retesting and receiving a passing score on the certification exam.
 SCPro™ Level One: Cornerstones of Supply Chain ManagementSCPro™ Level Two: Analysis of Supply Chain ManagementSCPro™ Level Three: Initiation on Supply Chain Transformation
ELIGIBILITY Requirements1) Bachelors Degree OR
2) Four years of relevant supply chain management experience
SCPro™ Level One Certification AND
1) Bachelor's Degree and three years of relevant experience OR
2) seven years of supply chain experience
SCPro™ Level Two Certification AND
1) Bachelor's Degree and five years of supply chain experience OR
2) nine years of supply chain experience
Content assessed
  • Supply Chain Concepts
  • Demand and Supply Integration
  • Supply Management and Procurement
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations
  • Transportation
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing
  • Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • External Process Integration
  • Internal Process Integration
  • Sustainability
  • Practical application of supply chain management knowledge and skills.
  • Hands-on analysis of a working organization.
  • Development of a detailed project plan that generates real results
Exam Fee 

$650 US

$1,095 USTo be determined
Exam fee
$975 US$1,500 USTo be determined



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