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Digital Bills of Lading • A Shift Long Overdue

Paperwork is still the center of all things logistics. And of all the paperwork, the most important piece is the bill of lading (BOL). Why? The BOL is the legal document that includes all of the details about the shipment and the goods being carried and it serves as a receipt, meaning the carrier won’t be paid for the delivery without it. The BOL performs three key functions: œ Proof or evidence of contract of carriage. œ Proof to receipt of goods. œ Document of title Hyland’s transportation and logistics automation solution enables you to instantly capture, identify and digitize transportation and trade documents in any form. With unlimited, configurable workflows and inherent integration capabilities, you can easily connect and automate data transfer between all trade management and transportation systems.
Cara McFarlane, Solution Marketing Manager at Hyland
December 10, 2020
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