Research Strategies Committee

The Research Strategies Committee (RSC) investigates, evaluates, and advises CSCMP’s Board of Directors on the need for, and feasibility of, undertaking research projects that will benefit the supply chain management profession. To provide the broad input necessary for research, committee and sub-committee members are selected from both the educator and practitioner communities. The RSC engages individuals to serve as project team members on various research initiatives.

Judy Whipple, Chair
Professor of Logistics/Supply Chain Management
Department of Supply Chain Management
Broad College of Business
Michigan State University
Office: +1 517.432.6407, Cell: +1 517.214.3794

John E. Bell
Term: 2018
William B. Stokely Faculty Research Fellow & 
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Mgt.
Haslam College of Business 
University of Tennessee
Office: +1 865.974.8397

Greg Boring
Term: 2019
Kenco Logistics Services LLC
Cell: 954-243-737

Roxanne Bullard
Term: 2019
Director of Research
Office: +1 800.203.2540, ext. 6230

Katy Clark
Term: 2018
Manager, Supply Chain Innovation and Technology
The Walt Disney Company
Office: +1 407.397.6622, ext. 8298

Glen Goldbach
Term: 2019
Office: +1 412.355.7533, Cell: +1 412.298.4543

Scott J. Grawe
Term: 2018
Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Outcomes Assessment and International Programs
Iowa State University
Office: +1 515.294.3869

Christian Hofer
Term: 2018
Associate Professor - Department of SC Management
University of Arkansas
Office: +1 479.575.6154

Jeffrey Jagiela
Term: 2018
Director, Logistics Platform Services
InterCompany Operations
Pfizer, Inc.
Office: +1 484.865.9561

David Kaduke
Term: 2018
VP Supply Chain Planning, Limited Brands
MAST Global 
Office: +1 614.856.7276, Cell: +1 614.638.9569

Christopher McCloughlin
Term: 2018 
Operations Risk Manager – North American Surface Transportation
C.H. Robinson
Office: +1 952.683.3970

Glen McIntosh
Term: 2018
Director of Transportation
Dominos, Inc. 
Office: +1 734.930.7093

Eric Pettersen
Director, Procurement, Facilities, Energy and Supply Chain
Hudson’s Bay Company
Cell: +1 312.282.6013

Don E. Pingley, Jr.  CSCP
Term: 2019
Manager, Operations & Supply Chain Consulting
Cell: +1 312.813.5348

LaDonna M. Thornton Ph.D.
Term: 2018
Assistant Professor of Marketing 
College of Business
Florida State University
Office: +1 850.644.4713

Xiang (Sean) Wan
Term: 2019
Assistant Professor – Department of Marketing & Logistics
Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University
Office: +1 614.247.8003 

Grace Woo
Term: 2019
Director of Supply Chain Strategy
McCormick & Company
Office: +1 510.315.7151