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+1 630.574.0985
7:00 am – 5:00 pm CT

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Executive Office

Rick Blasgen, President and CEO ( or +1 630.645.3458)
- Chief of Staff
- Responsible for overall business operations and strategic plan of the organization

Chris Adderton, Vice President ( or +1 630.645.3484)
- Responsible for overall operations
- Responsible for overall information technology
- Responsible for overall marketing

Sue Paulson, Executive Assistant ( or +1 630.645.3469)
- Assistant to Mr. Blasgen
- Office administration
- Approval of copyright requests
- Administration of Distinguished Service Award

Conference Programs and Meeting Services

Heather Wood, Director Conference and Events Content ( or +1 630.645.3454)
- Oversees the educational content and planning of the annual conference
- Oversees the Mentorship Program
- Oversees the Conference Committee

Krissy Scordato, Manager Conference & Event Services ( or +1 630.645.3464)
- Oversees Annual Conference registration process

Julie Bodenstab, Conference Coordinator ( or +1 630.645.3483)
- Helps manage conference content
- Supply Chain Innovation Award process and implementation
- Oversees conference tracks and sessions

Meeting Services

Margaret O'Connor, Senior Manager Meetings Services ( or +1 630.645.3482)
- Logistics for annual conference
- On-site management of annual conference
- Assists in planning of other meetings

Andrea Alvarez, Meeting Services Coordinator ( or +1 630.645.3453)
- Assists in managing the operations and logistics for the annual conference
- Primary focus is the food and beverage segment
- Manages the creative development of the conference networking receptions

Education Programs

Nichole Mumford, Director Edu Prgm and Marketing Communications, ( or +1 630.645.3476)
- Plan & implement strategies to develop and market education programs
- Direct daily operations of the Education Programs Department
- Oversee communications for CSCMP

Alison Krentz, Education Coordinator, ( or +1 630.645.3472)
- Designs and administers academic-focused programs and awards for the annual conference.
- Oversees Annual Donald J. Bowersox Doctoral Symposium
- SCPro™ certification program customer service and inquiries.
- Education products customer service and inquiries.

Scott Trebes, Graphic Designer, ( or +1 630.645.3451)
- UI Designer and Front-End-Devleoper for CSCMP websites and e-blasts
- Graphic Designer handling all of CSCMP printed collateral
- Photographer at CSCMP events

Finance & Administration

Tony Poidomani, Chief Financial Officer ( or +1 630.645.3471)
- Oversees all accounting and administration functions

Jill Carrillo, Finance Manager ( or +1 630.645.3491)
- General ledger - corporate and conference accounts
- Inventory control
- Accounts payable and receivable
- Sales orders

Roxana Adam, Staff Accountant, ( or +1 630.645.3481)
- General ledger - corporate and conference accounts
- Inventory control
- Accounts payable and receivable

Information Technology

For account and login/lockout issues contact customer service at or call +1 630.574.0985

Valarie Schultz, Information Technology Manager, ( or +1 630.645.3478)
- Plan & implement strategies for all IT related projects within budget
- Website systems administer and developer for various IT enterprise solutions
- Work closely with departmental directors to determine the maintenance and growth of IT solutions
- Monitor changing technology and deliver a technology update to the executive team

Jake Pineda, IT Support Specialist, ( or +1 630.645.3460)
- Analyze requirements and architect solutions and workflows for business needs
- Participate in projects and serve as project coordinator

Member Relations - Customer Services

Amy Thomasson, Director, Member Retention and Roundtable Dev ( or +1 630.645.3480)
- Develops and oversees member retention strategy and related activities
- Creates and communicates member value story/value proposition
- Oversees member service and roundtable groups

Burt Blanchard, Director, Member Recruitment and Sales Dev ( or +1 630.645.3488)
- Develops and oversees member recruitment strategy and related activities
- Oversees development of membership sales process from lead generation to close
- Oversees member recruitment, sales and account management group

Roundtable Programs

Morgan Zenner, Senior Manager, Roundtable Programs, ( or +1 630.645.3465)
- Oversees roundtable growth initiatives, development of new roundtable
- Orchestrates capabilities from national to maximize outcomes of local roundtable events
- Oversees roundtable communication strategy

Denise Rivers, Roundtable Services Manager ( or +1 630.645.3466)
- Oversees roundtable alignment and compliance
- Orchestrates roundtable guest to CSCMP member conversion efforts
- Assists with roundtable functions, activities and customer service

Customer Services

Sharon Gentile, Member Services Manager ( or +1 630.645.3467)
- Manages all inbound member/customer service inquiries
- Manages membership reporting and data analysis
- Assists with the promotion of CSCMP benefits, products, and services
- Identifies opportunities to create value for members

Lisa Dzieciol, Member Services Associate ( or +1 630.645.3462)
- Responds to inbound customer inquiries
- Assists with group registrations, dues renewals, and membership status inquiries
- Provides administrative support

Account Management

Leah Benshoof, Strategic Account Manager ( or +1 630.645.3455)
- Manages key corporate accounts
- Responds to inbound sales/corporate membership inquiries
- Performs market research to develop growth targets

Theresa Cetnarowski, Account Manager ( or +1 630.645.3479)
- Helps CSCMP reach never-engaged companies with the organization
- Works w/Director, Member Recruitment…on closing new corporate member companies and groups of individual member
- Oversees portfolio of assigned company customers

Mariah Loomis, Member Relations Coordinator ( or +1 630.645.3486)
- Provides customer service to CSCMP corporate members
- Assists with reporting on membership sales and Salesforce support
- Provides administrative support to account management/Member Relations team


James Schulze, Director Operations, ( or +1 630.645.3456)
- Annual Conference Supply Chain Exchange Exhibition and Sponsorship liaison
- Annual "State of Logistics®" event
- Management of the CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame
- Board of Directors Main Staff Liaison