Young Professionals Committee

CSCMP’s Young Professionals Committee have dedicated themselves to supporting and developing initiatives to support the needs of supply chain management professionals at the beginning of their career paths. These initiatives include recommending educational, networking, and other programs to attract, engage, and retain individuals of diverse backgrounds and interests, as well as recruiting and raising awareness of CSCMP to students studying to begin their careers in the supply chain management industry.

Immediate Past Chair
Michael D'Angelo
Manager of Port Operations
Volkswagen Group of America
Phone: +1 401.372-2905

Adri McCaskill

General Manager
iPlan International LLC
Phone: +1 803.212.5372

Vice Chair
Tom Shield

Supply Chain Manager - Project Manager
Kohler Co.
Phone: +1 920.254.1707

Vice Chair
Susie Conely

Research Analyst
Phone: +1 309.266.0173

Coordinator, EDGE Conference
James Masotti

Quality, Compliance, Continuous Improvement Manager
Phone: +1 856.878.8867

Member at Large
Chelsea Howard

Sales Support Supervisor
Yusen Logistics
Phone: +1 904.568.1395

Member at Large
Victoria Brown

Senior Research Analyst
Phone: +1 508.935.4358

Coordinator, Products & Services
Jacob Westfall

Phone: +1 216.363.6447

Member at Large
Matt Schrupp

Senior Transportation Analyst
Phone: +1 616.787.7632

Member at Large
Evan Bolte

Assistant DC Manager

Member at Large
Kimberlee Owens

Demand Planning Manager
Armada Supply Chain Solutions
Phone: +1 412.406.5708

Member at Large
Brandon Clark

Manager - Global Transportation
Phone: +1 616.295.6458

Coordinator, Roundtables
Rafael Vasquez

Managing Director LATAM
Llamasoft, Inc.
Phone: +507.6671.7148

Member at Large
Marcia Connors

Operational Excellence Manager
Penske Logistics
Phone: +1 972.512.5894

Member at Large
Chris Casey

Project Leader
Penske Logistics
Phone: +1 440.525.6042

Member at Large
Abby Mayer

Gibson Consulting
Phone: +1 406.529.6647

Coordinator, Students
Aaron Richards

Quality Assurance Manager
States Logistics Services, Inc.
Phone: +1 714.521.6520

Member at Large
Oliver Davis

Project Manager
Phone: +1 978.621.3311

Member at Large
Michelle Zhang

Supply Chain Engineer
Phone: +1 614.843.1913

Member at Large
Raffi Setrakian

Supply Chain Analyst
Phone: +1 216.339.1324