• Ever wonder what happens to your recycling (glass, plastic, paper, cans) after you put it out to the curb?
    Members of the CSCMP Chicago Roundtable explored the Lakeshore Recycling Single-Stream recycling facility to find out. This venture was brief and informative, and it helped to identify determinants that should be taken into consideration to improve supply chain waste and sustainability.
    Golden nuggets:
    • after China stopped buying recycled materials from most countries (incl. the US), it's much harder to sell recycled materials
    • "automation with a human touch" Robots and automation is highly present in recycle facilities, but it is combined with human attention for maximum quality
    • Recycling work is seasonal - heaviest time not surprisingly: Thanksgiving through January 
    • Leave the cap on! - recycle plastic bottles with the cap on. Easier for processing
    • Most valuable recycled material: aluminum (not cardboard)
    • plastic bags from the store - not recyclable. Don't throw it in the recycle bin. 

    1_Receiving Dock - Lakeshore Recycling.png
    2_Delivery to the receiving dock2- Lakeshore Recycling.png
    5_ Introductory presentation by Bill Kenney2- Lakeshore Recycling.png
    26_Lakeshore Recycling.png
    21_are amazon plastic pouches recyclable- no- Lakeshore Recycling.png
    23_Shipping-loading dock- Lakeshore Recycling.png
    18_Selfie time4 - Lakeshore Recycling.png
    2_Delivery to the receiving dock2- Lakeshore Recycling.png
    29_Sort Line - Lakeshore Recycling.png
    5_ Introductory presentation by Bill Kenney2- Lakeshore Recycling.png

  • Our Joint Presentation by the International Trade Club of Chicago (ITCC) and the
    Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Chicago Roundtable was a great success. Check out event pictures and presentation materials below!

    Summary: In today's heated world of trade wars, globalization is said to be in retreat as manufacturers rethink supply chains and risk mitigation. Our panel of experts assessed the current situation and offered their respective views. One topic, three different viewpoints (shipper, trade attorney and customs broker) 
    We learned about:
     - Tariffs Section 232 and 301, 
     - how the 2016 change of the time-honored substantial transformation test for determining country of origin has fundamentally changed the life of manufacturers and customs brokers (the brush is no longer "made" where the bristles are added to the wooden brush block)
     - how manufacturers avoiding China is making Vietnam and Mexico the winners of the trade war

    and so much more.


  • The Chicago roundtable has yet another amazing seminar in the books!
    Check out event pictures and presentation materials below!
    Adam Rod Presenting.png
    Gail Rutkowski Presenting.png
    Customer Experience Panel.png
    Customer Experience Panel2.png
    Carrier Executive Panel.png
    Carrier Executive Panel 2.png
    Intermodal Panel.png
    Intermodal Panel2.png
    Thank you to our sponsors.png


  • On Thursday, September 20th, 2018, Members and Guests of the Chicago Roundtable of CSCMP enjoyed a tour of the largest master-planned inland port in North America, the CenterPoint Intermodal Center (CIC) in Joliet,IL.
    Located just 40 miles southwest of Chicago, CIC – Joliet/Elwood is strategically positioned at the epicenter of the region’s transportation infrastructure. Tenants located at this property include: Walmart, Home Depot, Ikea, Samsung, DSC, etc. CenterPoint Intermodal Center has unmatched access to two highly connected intermodal locations. The campus’ surround both the Union Pacific Joliet Intermodal Terminal & the BNSF Logistics Park Chicago Making CIC one of the most desirable intermodal locations in the U.S.

    Check out some of our pictures below and consider joining us next time!
    1 Our hard working Registration Team setting up for the event.png
    2 Registration Team Chris Pride and Roy Schiliro.png
    3 Program Chair Valerie Holden and Registration Chair Roy Schiliro welcoming CSCMP members to the ev
    4 (left to right) Program Chairs Rachael Leggett, Valerie Holden and Board Secretary Chris Pride - w
    5 CSCMP Members gathering to tour the Centerpoint facility.png
    6 CenterPoint Tour.png
    7 Presentation by Autobahn Country Club, CenterPoint Intermodal Center and BNSF.png
    8 Supply Chain Networking in action.png
    10.AutoBahn and CenterPoint Tour.png
    11 Shuttle bus allowed our members to safely experience the CenterPoint Intermodal Facility.png
    12 Seeing is Learning - CenterPoint Intermodal Facility Tour - CSCMP Chicago.png
    13 CenterPoint Guest Speaker explaing details.png

  • Our 35th Annual Seminar explored Supply Chain Automation and
    Technology topics with top speakers from Duke Robotics, Uber, PINC Drones
    and more. It was an event you didn't want to miss. but if you did, check out the presentation materials below. Access to these materials is a member-only benefit, thank you for being a CSCMP member!

    Event Program:

    9:00am Welcome — Jennifer Krueger, Roundtable President
    9:15am   Supply Chain Then & Now – 50th Anniversary Past President Panel
    10:00am   UBER — Kris Glotzbach
    10:50am   Blockchain Panel – Clarkston Consulting, Walgreens Co., Sweetbridge, & Oklahoma State University
    1:15pm   PINC — Greg Lauber
    2:15pm   DC Automation Panel – Peach State Integrated Technologies, Slalom, Ulta Beauty, & CDW
    3:35pm   KEYNOTE Prof. Missy Cummings, Artificial Intelligence
    4:35pm   Closing Comments — Jennifer Krueger, Roundtable President
    1_Past President Panel - Jennifer Krueger-Ulta, Karen Galena-DSV, Noreen Ryan-First Logistics.png
    2_Past President Panel - Jennifer Krueger-Ulta, Karen Galena-DSV, Noreen Ryan-First Logistics.png
    3_ Blockchain Panel - Melvin Petties-Sweetbridge, Anna Tchaikaouskaite-Parts Pedigree, Kim Kuesel-Cl
    4_ Blockchain Panel - Ron Daniels-Walgreens explaining Blockchain 101.png
    5_Blockchain panel.png
    6_Scholarship Award Ceremony - Noreen Ryan presenting awards to Falk Dennert, Senior at Bradley Univ
    7_Industrial Drones in the warehouse - Greg Lauber, PINC.png
    8_Industrial Drones in the warehouse - Greg Lauber, PINC.png
    9_DC Automation Panel - Mike Verbeck-CDW, Matt Kiesling-Slalom, Seyi Arokoyo-Ulta Beauty, Dean Staro
    10_Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Logistics - Missy Cummings, Duke Robotics.png


  • Our first-ever Port of Chicago Tour was informative and offered a very unique perspective on supply chain management.
    We learned about: the role that ports play in facilitating the movement of bulk goods from destinations both near and far;  port logistics and warehouse operations;   inland ports vs seaports; and  port-specific lexicons, e.g. free-trade-zones, supply chain optimization, and stevedores.
    CSCMP members and guests convened in the beautiful Harborside Golf Resort for industry presentations prior to departing for a guided bus tour. 

    CSCMP Chicago Roundtable April Event.png
    Harborside Golf Club.png
    Barges Loaded with Pig Iron.png
    Illinois International Port District - Grain Elevators ready to be repurposed.png
    Kevin McCaskey, Tour Chair of CSCMP Chicago opens the event.png
    Valerie Holden, organizer of the event introduces the speakers.png
    Richard Paullin, Executive Director, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago.png
    Tom Bartkoski, Director, Intl Business Development, World Business Chicago.png
    Zach Janson, Ops Mgr, North America Stevedoring (left) and Clayton Harris, Executive Director of the


  • Slam Dunk!
    Our event started with an exclusive access tour of the United Center, the stadium that is home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. We got an insider’s view into the operations of the building – from the unloading docks and storage areas to the basketball court to the seats – focusing on the significant logistical coordination to maintain the building and provide seamless support during events. Scott Boyke, Director of Building Operations lead the tour and presentation followed by networking and refreshments in our reserved event space before we transitioned to the 200-section to watch Chicago Bulls take on the Denver Nuggets!
    Bulls vs Denver Nuggets 200 level seats.png
    Bulls vs Denver Nuggets.png
    Courtside presentation Scott Boyke.png
    Hockey and Basketball courts all in one .png
    Loading Dock.png
    MJ 23.png
    Networking Bulls event.png
    Q&A with Scott Boyke Dir of Ops United Center.png
    The extra basket just in case....png
    The underbelly of the Arena - storage, logistics.png
    Zamboni Garage.png

  • Sold out event! What an interesting story, right from the source, founder and CEO, Arsen Avakian. The fascinating presentation was followed by a Sampling of carefully blended teas of Argo Tea.  Argo's Values: CommuniTea, DiversiTea, ChariTea, QualiTea, SustainabiliTea, CreativiTea -

  • Today we celebrated our revived WERC-CSCMP partnership in Chicago and got together to network between supply chain and warehousing professionals. The event was held at the unique and elegant venue of Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants in Arlington Heights, IL. Dan Beard, Director of Distribution of Cooper's Hawk and President of WERC Chicago delivered a very interesting brief presentation highlighting Cooper’s Hawk’s rapid growth, new winery, and unique distribution and logistics network.

  • Our Holiday Networking event was a hit!
    We started with a short overview of 2017 industry trends based on the CSCMP State of Logistics Report by A.T. Kearney and followed it up by cheerful holiday networking at the high-end award-winning restaurant Chicago Prime Steakhouse in Schamburg. Guests walked away with valuable insight, new connections they made through networking as well as a printed copy of the SOL Report. Check out the 10 Key Take-aways document below!
    We hope to see all our members and guests at our stellar events in 2018! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    The Chicago Roundtable of CSCMP
    event pic1.png
    event pic2.png


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