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Spend Management Experts (SME) provides strategic guidance, cost modeling technology and deep market intelligence to help companies optimize their transportation, distribution and fulfillment spend, often helping their clients realize 20% or more in savings.

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Build a Smarter Supply Chain Webinar Series

Learn how leading AI solutions help you drive supply chain resiliency, agility and predictability. Enable intelligent, end-to-end visibility and transparency. Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration. And deliver on more customer promises.
Register for Episode 1 Evolving Your Supply Chain To The New Normal - Here's How
Register for Episode 2 Ensuring near real-time confidence in food supply chains with Blockchain and IoT
Register for Episode 3 A New Blockchain-based solution for a faster way to qualify, onboard and manage Suppliers
Register for Episode 4 Modernize your fulfillment operations with Forrester and Sally Beauty

Supply chains are changing: Here are 5 things we know now

Disruption is inevitable for today’s global supply chains. But it is possible to manage through complexity and preserve business continuity, while leaning in to cost optimization. What does this look like, and where are IT and supply chain leaders placing their bets? To help you answer these questions, IBM has identified five innovations that leading organizations are integrating to change how their supply chains work: Intelligent workflows, AI, IoT, blockchain and intelligent order management.
Read the paper to discover how you can deliver better business outcomes, even in times of change.

Customer-Centric Supply Chains: A License for Growth ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Supply chains have traditionally been linear and inflexible, built to support multiple segments at scale with single products. With the onset of digital technologies and the COVID-19 crisis, this scenario has shifted. Customers and consumers are now in the driver’s seat, demanding tailored, customized products, services and experiences in real time.
Download this CSCMP Hot Topic written by Erik Olson, Managing Director, Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, North America Lead, Accenture.

Building a Safety Net for Rejected Tenders ─ Convoy's New White Paper

With high tender rejection rates, tight supply, Labor Day, and DOT week around the corner, logistics teams are looking for ways to get faster, more reliable backup and spot coverage. Convoy’s new white paper is a guide to navigating tight and volatile markets, showing how you can guarantee coverage for tender rejections while saving you time and money on freight.
Learn how to build a transportation safety net with better backup and spot.

Paving the Way to Safer Roads with a Digital Freight Network ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Convoy recently announced their new predictive crash capability that uses machine learning and automation to qualify safe drivers into their freight network, yielding 16% fewer accidents versus the industry average. This not only helps keep the roads safer, but it also increases on-time deliveries and cost savings for shippers, with lower claim rates and fewer cargo incidents. Commercial crashes are one of the major contributors to cargo loss, which is estimated to exceed $50 billion globally every year. Today, Convoy experiences a cargo claim less than once per 2,000 loads, whereas the industry experiences a cargo claim about once per 100 loads.
Download this CSCMP Hot Topic written by Lorin Seeks of Convoy.

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