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CSCMP Welcome Webinar︱Member Onboarding
June 22, 2023
Learn about member-to-member relationship building, professional development, local Roundtables, the annual EDGE Conference, the Career Center, how to access the Member-Only directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit  
June 7 - 9, 2023 The Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida
CSCMP and SupplyChainBrain invite you to attend the All Inclusive! Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit (includes 2-night hotel stay, all meals, and conference). All you have to do is get there! Learn more about the summit and register today for this intimate event exclusive to supply chain marketing professionals. Limited space available.

CSCMP 2023 European Conference & European Research Seminar
June 8 - 9, 2023 Barcelona, Spain
Achieving a Resilient Supply Chain in a Fast-Changing World is the theme for this year's European Conference & European Research Seminar, an international double-congress focused on Europe that gathers professionals and academics from the end-to-end supply chain around the globe. The interactive event focuses on discussions and debates on new research and innovations across the industry, with the aim of sharing contemporary issues as they relate to global supply-chain management.

34th Annual State of Logistics Report® Release
June 20, 2023 On-demand Presentation
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual State of Logistics Report®, presented by Penske Logistics and authored by Kearney, releases on June 20, 2023 during a news event at a new venue, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Register today for the on-demand presentation  complimentary to CSCMP members. 

EDGE 2023 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition
October 1 - 4, 2023
At EDGE you'll gain actionable insights and perspectives together with your peers as we the solve supply chain challenges of today to forge the supply chain of tomorrow. Get 100+ quality, educational and specialty sessions, expand your network, and gather opportunities spanning the end-to-end supply chain. Register to join your peers today!


Member & Partner Events



INTERCHANGE 2023 Logistics & Industrial Conference
May 1 - 3, 2023 Scottsdale, Arizona
CSCMP President and CEO Mark Baxa will be speaking at INTERCHANGE 2023: The Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Conference & Expo. Interact with over 600 industry peers, including top brokerage professionals, consultants and corporate leaders from Cushman & Wakefield and industrial investors representing over 75 different firms. This one-and-a-half-day event focuses on networking, learning, and more.

2023 SAP DSC Operate Info Days
May 2 - 3, 2023
Register for CSCMP Corporate Member SAP's fourth in their series of Customer/Partner Info Days to be held at our Newtown Square, Pennsylvania offices. This event will center on the Operate Pillar of Design to Operate with select partners, customer testimonials, panel discussions on important trends, and innovations in digital asset maintenance, field service, and sustainable operations today.

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News & Highlights 

Supplier Viability: Are Your Suppliers Prepared for a Downturn? ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Written by CSCMP Corporate Member, Jason Juds, Principal Consultant at Liberty Advisor Group
With a potential economic downturn in 2023, taking a look at your supplier base to assess critical supplier long-term viability is imperative. Jason Juds developed a framework to assess, measure, and identify options for mitigating these supplier viability risks.

Driving Toward a Circular Economy ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Written by CSCMP Strategic Partner, Melanie Nuce, GS1 US  
How can business leaders think about sustainability in this moment, while attending to more immediate, survival-mode issues of basic commerce? Explore how supply chain transformation supports sustainability in this article from Melanie Nuce, senior vice president of innovation and partnerships, GS1 US. 

End-to-End Supply Chain Management: Building An Enhanced Customer Experience ─ A CSCMP Hot Topic

Written by CSCMP Corporate Member Dorinda Jung of OOCL Logistics
As supply chain disruptions have taken center stage, so too has the conversation about the end-to-end supply chain, what it means and how it is managed. These conversations are now mainstream and being had by consumers, financial institutions, investors, governments, and retailers alike. The importance of a dynamic, nimble, and visible supply chain is becoming a competitive advantage to deliver a superior customer experience, as consumer spending habits change, disrupting traditional revenue streams.

“Having been an academic member of CSCMP for over 14 years, I have found the organization is an invaluable resource to me. The opportunities to interact with SCM/logistics practitioners and other academics have helped me stay current and relevant in my research and teaching."
Haozhe Chen
Walker Professor in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
lowa State University


“I've been involved with CSCMP for over 12 years and have enjoyed taking advantage of the extensive peer network, leadership development, and training opportunities. I have made so many connections that count! I've had the opportunity to work directly with the Jacksonville Roundtable members and leadership to organize meetings, speaker engagements, and community service initiatives.”
Aisha Eccleston
Director, National Container Accounts

“The Bowersox Symposium was such a rewarding experience! The conversations and networking I engaged in at the Symposium have shaped my personal approach to 'all things academic' to this day! The way I go about doing research, teaching, service activities and industry partnering are all inspired by insights that I gained during my Symposium experience. It's truly a few days of activities that are career-impacting.”
Dr. Terry Esper
Associate Professor of Logistics
The Ohio State University