Bernard J. LaLonde Best Paper Award

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) presents the Bernard J. LaLonde Best Paper Award to the most valuable paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics.


To be considered for this prestigious award, your paper must be published in the Journal of Business Logistics. The JBL provides a forum for the dissemination of original thoughts, research, and best practices within the logistics and supply chain arenas

The editorial objectives of the JBL are to advance knowledge and science and to stimulate greater thought and effort in the fields of logistics and supply chain management by providing readers with:

  • New and helpful information
  • Logistics and supply chain management theory or techniques
  • Research generalizations about logistics and supply chain management thought and practice
  • Creative views and syntheses of dispersed concepts in logistics and supply chain management
  • Articles in subject areas that have significant current impact on thought and practice in logistics and supply chain management that present challenges for the future

2021 Bernard J. LaLonde Best Paper Award Recipients 

Travis Tokar, Ph.D., Texas Christian University and Brent D. Williams, Ph.D., Brian S. Fugate, Ph.D., University of Arkansas  
I Heart Logistics—Just Don’t Ask Me to Pay For It: Online Shopper Behavior in Response to a Delivery Carrier Upgrade and Subsequent Shipping Charge Increase.

Past Recipients

Dung H. Nguyen, Sander de Leeuw, Wout Dullaert and Bram P.J. Foubert
What is the Right Delivery Option for You? Consumer Preferences for Delivery Attributes in Online Retailing

Keely L. Croxton, Thomas J. Goldsby and Matthew A. Schwieterman
Customer and Supplier Portfolios: Can Credit Risks be Managed Through Supply Chain Relationships?


Craig R. Carter, Lutz Kaufmann and Claudia M. Wagner
Reconceptualizing Intuition in Supply Chain Management

Monique L. Ueltschy Murfield, Terry L. Esper, Wendy L. Tate and Kenneth J. Petersen
Supplier Role Conflict: An Investigation of its Relational Implications and Impact on Supplier Accommodation (Vol. 37, No. 2)

Yemisi A. Bolumole and David J. Closs
The Economic Development Role of Regional Logistics Hubs: A Cross Country Study of the Interorganizational Governance Models

David M. Gligor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
A Cross-Disciplinary Examination of Firm Orientations' Performance Outcomes: The Role of Supply Chain Flexibility