Supply Chain Sustainability Award

CSCMP’s Sustainable Supply Chain Committee recognizes and celebrates the work that supply chain leaders are doing to drive positive social, environmental, and economic impact. As the largest organization for Supply Chain Professionals, our award will hold significant value to those who win.


All award recipients must be CSCMP members in order to be eligible. A team or individual may self-nominate or be nominated by a third party. Those nominating another individual should ensure the nominee is aware they are being nominated. All award recipient(s) must be present at the EDGE Conference.

No more than three teams or individuals will be named a finalist in each given category.

Three (3) finalists from each category will be presented to the CSCMP Board of Directors for vote.

Awards may not be presented in each category each year, and CSCMP reserves the right to award special recognition in categories other than those listed.

Submission Timeline (dates subject to change)

  • Now thru May: Open call for nominations
  • July: Notify the award recipients
  • October: Present the award recipients at the EDGE Conference
  • October/November: Webinar with winners as panelist

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2023 Supply Chain Sustainability Award Recipient

Pasha Hawaii

2022 Supply Chain Sustainability Award Recipient


2021 Supply Chain Sustainability Award Recipient


2020 Supply Chain Sustainability Award Recipient

Ron Jarvis, The Home Depot