Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award

At EDGE 2021, the Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award was unveiled, and the former Executive Director of NASSTRAC was recognized as the first recipient. 

The Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award (GR-TEA) recognizes companies or individuals that have excelled in using their knowledge, connections, and industry expertise to educate, support and create long-term impact through excellence in transportation-related fields.

The GR-TEA is named for the Gail Rutkowski who has dedicated a lifetime of service to the trade as a shipper, carrier representative and consultant; also serving as a champion and advocate of the transportation industry. 

Gail Rutkowski’s passion and dedication have inspired so many, and she epitomizes what it truly means to be a transportation professional. 

The nomination period for the 2023 Transportation Excellence Award runs from January 9 to March 15, 2023. Submit a nomination.

2022 Transportation Excellence Award Recipient


Mexpress Transportation
For the 2022 GR-TEA, Mexpress Transportation’s Chief Executive Officer Mike Gamel accepted the award. In 1998 Mike co-founded Mexpress Transportation with the vision of establishing a Road Feeder Service between the U.S. and Mexico that eliminated the border clearance process, as well as the delays and costs associated with the border.
Mexpress Transportation is now 23 years old and has 14 terminals at the main airports in Mexico which are managed by their own employees. Mexpress Transportation’s transit times between the US and Mexico are comparable to deferred air freight and are more cost efficient/consistent than air.