The Center for the Advancement in Talent & Training (CATT)

A CSCMP Center of Excellence


Welcome to CATT NEWS!
CSCMP's Training-to-Jobs (T2J) program launches in February 2023, alongside our partners within the St. Louis Public Schools CTE program, as well as via organizations like The Covering House, Rung for Women, Veterans Community Project, St. Louis Youth Development Program, EDC/Stem-Ops, and more, to provide integration pathways via jobs, training, competitive wages, and support.

CATT's Mission:

The Center for the Advancement in Talent & Training (CATT) combines career training and career pathways for all with accessible continuing education and professional development opportunities. The Center serves with respect for employee and employer experiences that are thoughtfully cultivated, crafted, and supported.

Cynthia Mebruer, CSCMP
Director of Engagement,
Education and Talent Evolution

Utilizing the strength of the CSCMP Centers of Excellence, via the Center for Advancement of Talent & Training (a CSCMP 501c3 organization), we will endeavor to create customized Supply Chain training to unique populations with untapped potential, alongside our university partners.  We look to collaborate with our local, regional, and national corporate members, as well as small/mid-sized companies within our communities, to help support the learning experiences with projects and internships.  We will look to fully engage our local companies and organizations so as to forge pathways toward employment and competitive benefits with commensurate wages for our graduates, upon completion of the training.  We will encourage our corporate, organizational, and academic collaborators to be part of the creative process, helping us curate and execute a program which will foster a safe, inclusive, unique learning environment.  We will strive to continuously provide safe and inclusive learning and work environments while concurrently innovating our programing.  We look to fully engage and utilize the expertise of our local, regional, and national educational, organizational, and governmental resources to expand our impact through practical and purposeful growth strategies.