Training-to-Jobs (T2J) 

In February 2023, we’ll launched the Training-to-Jobs Program (T2J) alongside our partners within the United States Public Schools, and CTE program, as well as via organizations like The Covering House, Rung for Women, Veterans Community Project, St. Louis Youth Development Program, EDC/Stem-Ops, and more, to provide integration pathways that includes jobs, training, competitive wages, and support.

CATT continues to develop partnerships and internships within a variety of local and regional companies with the help of partner universities to capture new employee successes, through their experiences as well as from the view of the employers via continuous CSCMP/CATT support, data collection, and data analysis. These opportunities will be provided locally to start, and later scaled into the Training-to-Jobs Program across Missouri, our bi-state region, and beyond by utilizing the resources of our local, regional, and national CSCMP Roundtable groups, alongside our local, regional, and national university partners.

The business model maintains a focus on execution efficiencies, creating applicable content and engaging programing, by utilizing both conventional and unconventional revenue streams. We will thoughtfully and strategically scale the program to continue to mission to bring training, job placement, continuous education and career guidance for students, and job placement support for our company and organizational partners. And throughout all endeavors, to be a data-driven, thoughtful, strategic, and community-minded partner for our communities who have been underserved, underutilized, and overlooked.

Corporate Partners