SCPro™ Certification Exam Process

All of CSCMP's SCPro™ Certification exams are delivered online with remote proctoring. Exams can be taken from any place and at any time.  

Once you have purchased your exam or proctoring fee, CSCMP will contact you within 1 to 2 business days with directions on how to access your exam. All SCPro™ exams must be completed within one year of purchase.

What You Will Need for Your Exam:

  • Steady internet connection
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Web camera
  • Photo ID
  • For SCPro™ Level One, Bridge and Two only: handheld calculator, scratch piece of paper and a pen or pencil

The proctoring software will run a scan of your internet connection. If your computer does not pass this scan, see the troubleshooting suggestions below.

  • Close all running programs
  • Restart your computer
  • Make sure only Google Chrome is open
  • Clear your browsing history and cache
  • Proctorio requires 1 GB of free RAM – make sure you have space available.

Once Your Exam is Completed

The initial results of your exam will be shared with you once you submit your exam.

Please allow 2-3 business days for CSCMP staff to review your proctoring footage to ensure all testing expectations were reached. You will be contacted with your digital certificate from Accredible once your exam results are confirmed.

About the Proctorio Software

Proctorio is an online proctoring system that records participants while completing their exam while using facial detection technology. This includes ID verification, automated invigilation, content protection, secure browser settings, computer lock down, originality authentication, administrative and faculty controls, and deep, instantaneous analytics.

When you begin your exam, you will be prompted to close all unneeded browsers and tabs. If any browsers or tabs are opened during the exam, the system will alert and flag for the reviewer. You must be using Google Chrome as Proctorio installs itself as a Google Chrome extension.