CSCMP's Mentorship Program

Our Spring 2020 Mentorship Program is currently in session and will run through December 2020. CSCMP will launch a smaller program geared toward student mentees in mid-October 2020. Stay tuned for updates by returning to this website.

To usher in the new year and decade, CSCMP officially rolled out a new online mentorship program in the spring. As a valuable benefit to members, we revamped our mentoring method and process to better serve our community.

For more information and further inquiries, contact Rocio Cadena at [email protected]

About the Program

Developed by CSCMP's Young Professionals Committee, our Mentorship Program is designed to foster knowledge and connection through learning partnerships. The goal of CSCMP’s Mentorship Program is to help you take a proactive role in your supply chain career development journey by giving you the opportunity to become involved in a valuable 1:1 paired mentoring partnership.

What is a mentoring partnership?

A mentoring partnership connects two individuals with the shared goal of personal and professional development.

Mentoring partnerships facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and experience. Mentoring dynamics also foster learning with and from one another, receiving and giving career advice and collaborating to generate new innovative ideas.

Mentoring partnerships should be based on mutual trust and respect in which both parties benefit on a professional and personal level. A mentoring partnership can be tailored to your specific goals, needs and priorities. All career levels, ages, and member types are welcome to apply as a mentor or mentee.

Benefits of a mentorship program

  • Mentees share and learn critical knowledge and skills to advance their career.
  • Mentors contribute to the career development of mentees while strengthening their leadership and communication skills.
  • Mentors and mentees leverage one another as soundboard for advice, encouragement, perspective and career planning.
  • Both mentors and mentees build their professional networks while holding one another accountable to achieve their goals and priorities.

Why participate in a mentorship program?

“I was fortunate to be matched with an amazing mentor through the program. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone on many occasions and helped me to advance my career. The program really is a two-way street where both individuals are there to support each other!”
Kimberlee Owens
Senior Supply Chain Strategist

“I am thoroughly enjoying the CSCMP mentorship program as a mentor. It is my first time participating in a formal mentorship process, I've done it several times informally as a mentee as well as a mentor, but to have a set schedule, process and software including coaching videos, timeline, PDF reading materials etc, is a very refreshing change to me. My mentee and I were paired up perfectly, we are similar in interests and our offices are even located one block from each other so we can meet in person!”
Susie Bodnar
Director of Operations and Client Strategy

“Being a mentor in CSCMP’s mentorship program was an extremely rewarding experience. Being a mentor not only gave me the opportunity to pass on lessons I have learned in my own career but obtain a deeper understanding of who I am as a leader. My participation was both rewarding and beneficial to my own development as a professional.”
Ryan Entis
Quality Assurance and Kaizen
Contract Logistics Group