About the CSCMP Executive Inner Circle (EIC)

The Executive Inner Circle (EIC) is a by-invitation-only experience exclusively for CSCMP executive members. Its membership consists of a carefully chosen mix of industry practitioners and service providers who are at the highest levels of management in their respective companies. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for sharing best practices, learning from world class companies and developing innovative ways of approaching the ever-changing supply chain landscape. The group meets quarterly in-person, in an environment that is conversational and collegial. Members of the EIC also enjoy a wide variety of benefits offered exclusively by CSCMP such as content, conferences, training and networking.

CSCMP’s Executive Inner Circle is by invitation-only, if you’d like to join us at our next summit or to learn more about the program, please contact Leah Benshoof at [email protected], or call 1.630.645.3455.

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Core Team

Mark S Baxa
CSCMP President & CEO

Creator of the CSCMP Executive Inner Circle, Mark’s experience in Supply Chain leadership spans 40 years.As CSCMPs President & CEO, he brings broad and deep leadership experience to lead the world’s premier supply chain education association. Mark is passionate about building leaders, driving shared value in what we do, and equipping supply chains to do what has not been done before.


Bill Marrin
CSCMP EIC Executive & Partner, Chi-Studios

Formerly the leader of Supply Chain 50, Bill is the EIC co-lead and partner in Chi-Studios. Bill plays an integral role in shaping the agenda and format of the EIC. Having a rich and successful history of building and shaping leaders, Bill brings magnificent pathways for your development.


Kevin Smith
President & CEO, Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting

Kevin is formerly EVP of Supply Chain & Sustainability for CVS Caremark and CSCMP Board Chair. In addition to his consulting business, Kevin continues his leadership involvement on the CSCMP Board of Directors and performs strategic advisory work for various associations and businesses. His innate ability to see through to solutions, build leaders and accomplish results is inspiring.


Mitch MacDonald
Chairman & CEO, AGiLE Business Media, LLC

Mitch is a Supply Chain and Logistics prominent media executive and award-winning journalist with an unblemished track record of excellence in all areas of business media. The creator of nearly every supply chain publication known to supply chain professionals, Mitch is the top performer, and ultimately leader, of every publishing team of which he has ever been a member. AGiLE Business Media is… DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly.

Karl Buschmann
Executive Director, Adjunct Professor, and Strategic Advisor to CSCMP

Karl works with the executive leadership team on key business development initiatives, such as the Executive Inner Circle, the development of private/public partnerships, and brand building. He acts as an ambassador, influencer and evangelist for CSCMP with other associations, industry trade groups, and stakeholders in the supply chain discipline. Using his background in global trade and higher education, Karl has been instrumental in helping to create the semiconductor supply chain report, an alliance with The Association for Manufacturing Technology, and new channels for membership growth and expansion.

Rick Blasgen
Former CSCMP President & CEO, and Strategic Advisor to CSCMP

Rick’s rich history of leading supply chains for commercial brands like Kraft-Nabisco and most recently, CSCMP brings connections and leadership perspectives to the EIC that has set it on a trajectory of success. Rick has said many times that this is the decade of the supply chain, and boy was he right! Developing leaders to succeed in this decade takes more than on-the-job learning…it takes a “room” of like-minded professionals to create the “next,” and Rick is inspired to help all of us do just that.

Cindy Mebruer
CSCMP Director of Engagement, Education and Talent

Cindy’s vast experience in leading university-level executive training & leadership programs brings to the EIC unique and diverse perspectives that set the EIC apart from any other executive affinity group. Cindy incorporated the Enterprise Corporate Membership into the EIC. Cindy will help drive the impact of CSCMPs Talent Development Model to create a rare but most expansive opportunity for those in the EIC to make a significant contribution towards growing the supply chain talent base while enhancing current talent capacity to deliver.

Chris Adderton
CSCMP Executive Vice-President & Chief Procurement Officer

Chris is a focused, dynamic management executive with a record of results in organizational development, business development, sales, and profitability growth. He is inspired to develop others as a personal coach and mentor to others. Responsible for the industry’s premier EDGE Conference, Roundtables & Events, sourcing strategy, and IT operations at CSCMP, Chris’s diverse leadership background, coupled with his belief in the mission of CSCMP, bring opportunity to connect supply chain executives to the value CSCMP brings to your supply chain.

Tony Poidomani
CSCMP Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Tony is a Northwestern University Educator, storyteller, critical thinker, finance professional, business development Creator, high energy networker who drives inspired learning and thought provoking conversation into the EIC. Seeing CSCMP through the toughest years during COVID-19 and now coming out on the back side better than going into COVID-19, Tony is bringing new concepts, associations and thought leadership to CSCMP. Tony is CSCMPs CFO and Business Development Executive.