Academic Strategies Committee

The Academic Strategies Committee (ASC) serves as the liaison with students, educators, and educational institutions and programs. Along with other initiatives assigned, the committee administers the processes for the annual Academic Research Symposium (ARS) and the annual Doctoral Symposium, both held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. The ASC administers CSCMP’s academic awards including the Doctoral Dissertation, Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper, E.G. Plowman, and other research and teaching awards presented in conjunction with ARS. Committee and sub-committee members represent both the educator and practitioner communities.

Robb Frankel, Chair
Term Ends: 12/2018
Richard deRaismes Kip, Professor of Marketing & Logistics
University of North Florida - Coggin College of Business
Phone: +1 904.620.1346

Frank Adams
Term Ends: 12/2019
Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University
Phone: +1 205.394.1613

Jennifer Blackhurst
Term Ends: 12/2019
2018 DDA Chair
Professor of Mgmtt Sciences
University of Iowa
Phone: + 1 515.450.7895

Haozhe Chen
Term Ends: 12/2018
Associate Professor
Iowa State University
2340 Gerdin Business Building
College of Business
Phone: +1 515.294.7216

Susie Conley
Term Ends: 12/2018
YP Liaison 
Research Analyst, Caterpillar
Adjunct Instructor, Bradley U.
Phone: +1 309.266.0173

Michael DelBovo
Term Ends: 12/2018
President, The Delbovo Group
Phone: +1 863.670.6824

Stephanie Eckerd
Term Ends: 12/2019
Assistant Professor of Operations
Indiana University
Phone: +1 317.274.4936

Christopher Elliott
Term Ends: 12/2018
Blue Horseshoe
Phone: +1 614.218.3701

Terry Esper
Term Ends: 12/2018
2018 Doctoral Symposium Chair
Associate Professor of Logistics
The Ohio State University
Fisher College of Business
Phone: +1 614.292.2610


Phillip Evers
Term Ends: 12/2019
Associate Professor of Logistics Management 
University of Maryland
Phone: +1 301.405.7164

Thomas Goldsby
Term: Ex-Officio
Journal of Business Logistics
Professor of Logistics
Ohio State University
Phone: +1 614.247.4261

Ben Hazen
Term: Ex-Officio
2018 ARS Chair
Assistant Professor, Logistics & SCM
Air Force Institute of Technology
Phone: +1 937.255.3636, ext. 4337

Diane Mollenkopf, Co-Chair 
Term Ends: 12/2020
McCormick Associate Professor,
Department of Marketing & SCM
University of Tennessee
Phone: +1 865.974.1645

Glenn Richey
Term Ends: 12/2019
Raymond J. Harbert Eminent Scholar in SCM
Auburn University
Phone: +1 205.310.8263

Adriana Rossiter Hofer
Transitional – Term Ends: 12/2020
Associate Professor of SCM
University of Arkansas
Phone: +1 479.575.7424

Hannah Stolze
Term Ends: 12/2019
Assistant Professor, Mktg & SCM
Wheaton College
Phone: +1 630.752.5311

Travis Tokar 
Term Ends: 12/2019
Associate Professor of SCM
Texas Christian University
Phone: +1 817.257.7151

Andreas Wieldand
Term Ends: 2019
Associate Professor of SC Risk Management
Copenhagen Business School
Phone: +45 3815.2380