Sustainable Supply Chain Committee

Supply chain sustainability is a holistic, concerted, and strategic effort to make sound and measurable economic, environmental, ethical and socially responsible decisions. CSCMP is committed to supply chain sustainability through educating and connecting professionals in a way that allows for responsible and informed decision making.

Donna G. Palumbo-Miele, Ed.D. Chair
Executive Director, Global Procurement
Bloomberg, LP

[email protected]

Francesca M. Basil
Business Analyst
UnitedHealth Care
[email protected]

Alexis Bateman, PhD
MIT Sustainable Supply Chains
[email protected]

Jon Kirchoff
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
East Carolina University in Greenville, NC
[email protected]

Tyler R. Morgan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Auburn University
[email protected]

Wendy L. Tate, PhD
William J. Taylor Professor of Business
Cheryl Massingale Faculty Research Fellow
University of Tennessee
[email protected]

Jennifer Wong
Head of Sustainability
[email protected]