Welcome New CSCMP President and CEO Mark Baxa

The CSCMP Board of Directors and its Officers unanimously voted Mark Baxa as the full-time President & CEO at its June 2022 Board of Director meeting. Lee Beard, CSCMP Board Chair states that “Mark has filled the role during the past 16 months in an interim capacity and has led the organization through a challenging 2021, just as society as a whole came through a difficult economic and socially challenging period due to COVID-19. In his short tenure as interim President & CEO, Mark has set the stage for significant advancements in our organization's future through enhanced global presence, industry collaboration, content curation, CSCMP member and guest benefits. Mark brings many years of service in supply chain leadership roles and that of CSCMP with him, including serving at the Roundtable, Board of Directors, and in all elected Board Officer roles, including Chairman of the Board in 2019. He is a tremendous supply chain leader and all-encompassing knowledge expert, known around the world as a people builder and recognized supply chain executive and speaker. The Board is thrilled at Mark’s acceptance of our offer and we look forward to a bright future together.” Mark’s role as the CSCMP President & CEO is effective immediately.

Mark adds, “I am honored and humbled at the call to fill the role as CSCMP’s next President & CEO. During my tenure as interim, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working alongside the staff, volunteers and our strategic business partners. We worked to expand the benefits this great organization offers to the supply chain profession…practitioners, academics, collaborators, media, events & sponsorship teams and many more. We have a well-placed and large mission as an organization. I intend to continue leading in the direction that not only fulfills that mission but creates greater meaning and value for all that are a part of CSCMP. Now, more than ever, our CSCMP team is needed to support supply chain capability and competency building throughout the member lifecycle and create powerful and relevant learning opportunities so that the supply chain of today and tomorrow serves society very well.”

Most importantly, Mark is here to serve you…supply chain students and professionals as members, our future members, guests, and industry and academic partners. Mark is committed to ensuring that CSCMP creates and sustains genuine supply chain capability and competency-building content that supports supply chain professionals throughout their entire careers. This includes support for supply chain sustainability research and know-how so that together, we also do great things for society.
Please join us in congratulating Mark on his appointment as CSCMP President & CEO.