CSCMP Mobile App

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) app allows users to access their favorite CSCMP benefits, content and tools on their mobile devices quickly, easily and effortlessly. CSCMP members will unlock the full potential of the CSCMP and have full access to all their member benefits at their fingertips when they log into the CSCMP app with their CSCMP membership credentials.

All features can be easily accessed via the menu bar located on the top left of the app screen or by swiping from the left part of the screen to the right.

Key CSCMP App Features for Logged In Members:

  • Connect with other CSCMP members and message them on your device
  • Access the CSCMP member directory
  • Access the CSCMP store with member pricing automatically loaded

CSCMP App Features for All Users:

  • View past events and register for upcoming events
  • Get the latest CSCMP news automatically
  • Receive important alerts and notifications from CSCMP
  • Access to CSCMPtv and CSCMPodcast
  • Connect with CSCMP across all social media
  • Access the CSCMP store to make purchases with your CSCMP store account

Not yet a CSCMP member? Become a CSCMP member today and gain full access to the CSCMP app.

The CSCMP app is available on both Android and iOS devices, download the app today!

CSCMP App Permissions (Android specific) 
Due to new guidelines and privacy settings for the Google Play Store, users will see new requirements for using the CSCMP mobile app. The wording of these messages are generic to Google and do not accurately reflect what the CSCMP mobile app is accessing. CSCMP does not view, download, nor store any of your phone data, storage or contacts. These requests are to allow you to use and access options within the CSCMP mobile app.

By allowing these options, what the CSCMP mobile app does is allow you to use the CSCMP mobile app to do a number of things directly from within the app such as, take photos, add contacts, select phone numbers, dial directly from within the CSCMP mobile app, and offer you directions for locations found in the CSCMP mobile app. 

The CSCMP mobile app does not use every feature you are asked to approve currently. In addition, it is possible that in the future you may see additional permission requests due to new features that the CSCMP mobile app is currently not yet capable of as CSCMP continues to enhance and develop the CSCMP mobile app.

More Information on Permissions to Enable All CSCMP Mobile App Features:
Allow CSCMP to access photos, media, and files on your device? 
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to use the device’s camera for the Photo Gallery, scan QR Codes, etc.

Allow CSCMP to make and manage phone calls?
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to directly call phone numbers: the app lists phone numbers in the Member Directory, Info, Profile page, etc. this will allow you to make calls directly from the CSCMP mobile app 

Allow CSCMP to take pictures and record video? 
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to store app data on the device storage when changes are made on the app 

Allow CSCMP to access your calendar?
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to add events to the device’s calendar when adding events from the app 

Allow CSCMP to access this device’s location? 
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to determine a user’s location on maps when using the events feature 

Allow CSCMP to access your contacts? 
This allows the CSCMP mobile app to add those numbers to the device’s contacts that were found in the app 

For additional information on the CSCMP mobile app, please contact CSCMP: [email protected] or +1 630.574.0985