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What is supply chain management?

The supply chain is a complex and sometime fragile endeavor dependent on a network of independent, yet interconnected, moving parts.

Vendors supply raw materials, producers convert those raw materials into products, warehouses store that product until it’s needed, distribution centers pick up and deliver that product, retailers, online and in-store, bring that product to you

Global partners collaborate across time zones and oceans to decrease costs and increase performance in ways no single company ever could. It requires professional management.

Supply chain management encompasses everyone involved in maintaining the supply chain. Behind every product, there are supply chain management professionals making it possible to get your products better, faster, and cheaper.

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The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the leading global association for supply chain management professionals. We have been helping our members, their careers, and their companies since 1963. Nine thousand members worldwide receive unparalleled networking opportunities, cutting-edge research, and online and on-site professional educational opportunities.

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From all disciplines within the supply chain management profession, nearly 70% of our members are key decision makers at the executive level. CSCMP members represent a wide range of supply chain management industries, including: consulting, demand planning, finance, logistics and transportation, manufacturing operations, purchasing and procurement, real estate, sales and marketing, technology, third party logistics services, and warehousing.