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Connecting, educating and developing our supply chain professionals, from the supply chain student to the professional to the retiree who is paying it forward; that is the foundation and mission of your one true end-to-end supply chain organization, CSCMP.

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CSCMP members receive multiple benefits and resources. If you have questions and would like to connect with a team member, please contact CSCMP's Membership Team via email at [email protected], telephone +1 630.574.0985, or schedule time to chat with Membership Engagement Manager, Tim Pajak, via Calendly here.


Build your professional network by joining CSCMP’s 9,000+ members who provide each other with support, inspiration, and advice.

Career Development
CSCMP provides opportunities to develop skills and stay ahead of trends with progressive talent and development courses, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and mentorship programs.

I've been involved with CSCMP for over 12 years and have enjoyed taking advantage of the extensive peer network, leadership development, and training opportunities. I have made so many connections that count! I've had the opportunity to work directly with the Jacksonville Roundtable members and leadership to organize meetings, speaker engagements, and community service initiatives.

- Aisha Eccleston, Director, National Container Accounts, JAXPORT

CSCMP offers free live and on-demand webinars monthly, providing the community with access and insight from industry thought leaders.

Regional / Roundtable Events
Modern workplaces can be competitive and lonely. CSCMP’s local roundtables program events and mixers that provide members with professional peer communities to build friendships, share common experiences, gain valuable skills, and have fun..

Having been an academic member of CSCMP for over 14 years, I have found the organization is an invaluable resource to me. The opportunities to interact with SCM/logistics practitioners and other academics have helped me stay current and relevant in my research and teaching.

- Haozhe Chen, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Iowa State University
Member of Academic Strategies Committee

EDGE Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition
CSCMP’s annual EDGE supply chain conference is an event like no other, with unlimited opportunities to learn from industry experts, hear dynamic speakers you won’t find anywhere else and network with the most influential supply chain leaders in the world. CSCMP Premier Members save over $500 on EDGE registration pricing.

Research & Insights
CSCMP provides leading research, case studies, and surveys covering a multitude of supply chain disciplines to help you stay informed on the rapidly changing supply chain landscape. Members receive first access to actionable insights and best practice research.

CSCMP networking is no joke! I can truly attest to the power of creating amazing relationships through networking. Recently, I was looking for a new and challenging job opportunity and through my network, I was very fortunate to receive 5 job offers without applying to even 1 online application. Priceless!

- Kimberly H. Caron, Supply Chain/Materials Manager
RZ Industries


CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly
Premier and Academic members receive a hard-copy subscription to our award-winning magazine, CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly.

Global Access
Connect with 100,000 + engaged professionals around the world on CSCMP’s social media platforms.
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Since joining CSCMP, I have had endless opportunities to network and engage personally with supply chain professionals on all levels from MNC CEOs to small business owners and students, and from all parts of this very diverse industry. Learning while sharing my own international experiences with a truly global community is just incredibly rewarding.

- Erik Hansen,
CSCMP Board of Directors, Member at Large - Hall of Fame Independent Advisor

Mentorship Program
Develop skills or give back to the next generation. Mentoring partnerships are rewarding on both professional and personal levels.

SoFi Student Loan Refinancing
CSCMP members receive a special rate discount when refinancing through

CSCMP’s Member-Only Directory 
Network with 9,000+ CSCMP around the world by job title, industry, geography and more

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Membership Resources

Membership at a Glance
Who are our members? Which industries and job functions do they represent? Find out with this membership infographic.

Membership Brochure
Want an easy to follow guide to CSCMP member benefits and membership types? Download our membership brochure.

Convince Your Boss
Need help securing approval from your boss? Use this template to share the ROI of your CSCMP membership.  

Corporate Brochure
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