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A CSCMP Student membership provides you access to all of the career and professional resources you need to expand your expertise and start a career in supply chain. You will also receive the invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders who can help you achieve your career goals. Student membership is for full-time students only.

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As a CSCMP student member, you will join a community of students from more than 300 universities worldwide. CSCMP student members major in a variety of areas including:

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Your student membership will give you the knowledge and tools to develop your professional identity. You'll make connections with people who work in your target field, plus those who hire for the positions you seek.



  • Academic Case Studies  – these real-world case studies provide quality operational, tactical, and strategic decisions and solutions to global supply chain management challenges.
  • Online Education – learning available from the convenience of your desk, 24/7, these courses are provided to members at discounted pricing.
  • Practitioner Case Studies – A perfect tool to use for research or training your staff. These best-practice case studies, based in Supply Chain Innovation Award finalists research, provide innovative solutions to some of supply chain's toughest challenges.


  • Explores... – Published by CSCMP's Research Strategies Committee, content is used by practitioners to understand and best employ new strategies and practices. Each issue is written by a leading expert and examines a current supply chain topic in-depth.
  • Global Perspectives  – Many companies use data from this publication when entering new markets and formulating global supply chain strategies. Supply chain management leaders use these publications to gain an understanding of a country or region prior to conducting business in it.
  • Journal of Business Logistics  – Rated as the profession's most useful publication by academics, the JBL is filled with the latest supply chain management solutions from the profession's foremost thought leaders.
  • "State of Logistics Report®" – This report is widely recognized by supply chain and logistics professionals and organizations as the premier benchmark for US logistics activity.
  • Supply Chain Quarterly  – This award-winning magazine is a leading source for 15,000 professionals seeking industry information and insight. Content addresses topics ranging from network planning, measuring true supplier costs, benchmarking, warehousing to offshore sourcing management.
  • Women in Logistics  – The annual survey of Career Patterns for Women in Logistics, prepared for CSCMP by researchers at The Ohio State University.