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October 2018 

Sun Kwok

Education: The Ohio State University – Master of Business Logistics Engineering – 2010
The Ohio State University – Bachelor of Science in Operations Management – 2004


Committees: Southern California Roundtable: Treasurer, Former Education Chair

When and why did you join CSCMP?

I first joined CSCMP as a recent graduate of The Ohio State University in 2005. I had just received my bachelor’s degree and sought out CSCMP as an opportunity to begin to build my network and career. Since joining CSCMP 13 years ago, I have continued to use the network to advance my career and grow my skillset.


What advice do you have for new CSCMP members on how they can maximize their membership value?

Attend events and network with other members. There’s a tremendous amount to be learned from others from within the supply chain management community. Don’t wait till you are looking for a job to start networking – that’s way too narrow-focused of an objective and way too late.


How did you get into supply chain management?

I initially started in the restaurant business with a focus in Operations Management, but that eventually morphed into supply chain management when I started to go both upstream and downstream beyond the four walls of the operations. This led me to joining the freight transportation industry, consulting on lean logistics in the automotive industry, going back for my Master’s in Logistics Engineering, and then eventually leading supply chain operations from within a major CPG manufacturer.


Describe your job in a tweet (i.e. 140 characters or less)

As a director of logistics at Niagara Bottling, I quarterback all things SCM for the Northeast region of the U.S. for the largest bottled water manufacturer in the world.


What are your top three job responsibilities?

  1. Unlocking cross functional synergies
  2. Empowering front line team members
  3. Providing tactical, strategic, and moral leadership

What is the biggest challenge you face on the job, and how are you managing it?

Facilitating change in an organization that is rapidly growing and innovating on so many fronts simultaneously. I manage this by building and leveraging the talent around me. We are the sum of the talent that surrounds us, so I take strong ownership of constructing a winning team.


What technology, trends or disruptive forces do you see having the biggest impact on supply chains?

Task and Decision Automation, the Redrawing of International Trade Landscape, and the Sharing Economy. I rely on CSCMP to provide me with insight and perspective on these, as well as other industry trends and challenges.


If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?

Creativity, risk taking, and passion. These values are at the core of how I approach my role as director of logistics.


What are you proudest of?

I’m proudest of starting up a brand-new restaurant from the ground up at age 22. There is no business more difficult to succeed in than the restaurant business, and it served as an excellent training ground for my future roles.


If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?

Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, the multinational e-commerce, retail, internet, AI and technology juggernaut. Jack is an incredibly successful entrepreneur from humble beginnings who also happens to share many of my core values.

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