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May 2019 

Jeevan Guruprasad Raosahib

Education: Graduate in Commerce and Management, Diploma from IIM Bangalore

Company/Title: Indelox Services Pvt Limited/Managing Director

When and why did you join CSCMP?
2001. To be connected with advancement in supply chain industry and to connect with professionals from the field.

What advice do you have for new CSCMP members on how they can maximize their membership value?
Membership will open a new vision and dimension to the career either in Industry or Academic and add immense value to the learning as well to gain competence in the profession. It is a necessity today to share and exchange levels of practice and solutions that are coming from challenges in various parts of the world. Each learning is unique and lessons learnt are relevant to everyone. So, CSCMP membership will get you there as one source, to connect and stay updated.

How did you get into supply chain management/logistics?
I have had a long career in commercial functions of organizations and pursued the vertical and turned an entrepreneur in 2000. Offering services in SCM with International regulations has been my strength.

Describe your job in a tweet (i.e. 140 characters)
Indelox offers to support Manufacturing , Trading and Services supply chain for organization in India.

What are your top three job responsibilities?

  • To understand and learn how technology is impacting and penetrating the SCM function.
  • To bring global best practice to Indian SCM services. 

What is the biggest challenge you face on the job, and how are you managing it?
In INDIAN context the skill and attitude of the general employee is still way below as compared to advanced country and lacks productivity. In this direction we are attempting to coach people to upgrade and change their behavior which will benefit them in long run with increase in remuneration.

What technologies, trends, or disruptive forces do you see having the biggest impact on supply chains?
Robot and Automation will bring in many changes that will make redundant the manpower resources on shop-floor. At the same time it will also bring challenges to attract intelligent talent to warehouse as it is not a glamorous industry. Convincing companies to pay higher cost with returns in efficiency and productivity will also remain a challenge.

If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?:
Responsibility, collaboration, creativity, competence, integrity

What are you proudest of?
Of my contribution to several organization to grow from nowhere to leaders in market with command.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?
Ram Charan Management Guru for his ability to analyze in very simple terms how to manage Business without suggesting too many theory.

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