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January 2020 

Garry Harper

Education: BS, Marketing from THE University of South Carolina: Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Company/Title: FastFetch Corporation/VP, Sales & Marketing

When and why did you join CSCMP?
I joined CSCMP to participate in the Networking opportunities as well as the events and other benefits provided by the CSCMP organization. The EDGE Conference in 2018 was my first exposure to CSCMP and bought in immediately. The Awards process (Case Study, Presentation, etc) was enlightening as I learned more about what other organizations are seeing in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. The CSCMP Roundtables are also extremely helpful in the networking process locally. Also, the opportunity to mentor someone within the industry is helpful for not just the mentee but also the mentor.

What advice do you have for new CSCMP members on how they can maximize their membership value?:
Get involved in your local CSCMP Roundtable and attend the EDGE Conference annually. Participate in the awards process. Review the benefits of being a member including either being a mentor or be mentored by someone who has been in the industry a long time. You can learn from those experiences.

How did you get into supply chain management/logistics?
I have been in technology and distribution for nearly 40 years and getting into the specific area of supply chain management and logistics was a natural move for me. Understanding the growth and the opportunities this area provides was an important part of my decision.

Describe your job in a tweet (i.e. 140 characters)
I am responsible for overall sales and marketing for our company including prospecting potential clients and sustaining existing customers

What are your top three job responsibilities?

  1. Meet sales objective
  2. Develop and execute Marketing plan
  3. Coordinate sales activities

What is the biggest challenge you face on the job, and how are you managing it?
Brand awareness is number one. Being a relatively small privately held company has its challenges with this when you compete with known brands. We are attacking it with alot of advertising and building a strategy with a known publisher in the industry.

What technologies, trends, or disruptive forces do you see having the biggest impact on supply chains?
Technology as a whole is evolving and causing major changes in the way we approach not only the logistics processes and operations but also the management of those processes and operations. You don't have to have the latest and greatest that comes out but you do have to have a handle on the data your company generates as it competes locally, nationally and internationally.

If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?

  1. Trust and honesty
  2. Innovation and innovative ideas
  3. Solving customers problems in an efficient and cost effective manner

What are you proudest of?
Our companies innovations. We have been recognized as a Supply Chain Top 100 Channel Partner, a Top 10 Order Management Solution provider and as a 2019 Supply Chain Innovation Award winner.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?
Ronald Reagan. I would want to understand his world view and how he actively served the United States as President but also embraced the world as a world of common people with many differences but yet seemed to unifiy them.

Write your own question and answer! What have we not asked that would be interesting for other CSCMP members to learn about you?
How did I get to the position I am in today? I worked hard at IBM, ScanSource, SYNNEX and XPlore Technologies to be the best I could be as a person, as an employee and as a problem solver. Customer focus was always #1 as I went to work every day. I wanted to be my best for them, NOT for me. For the first time in my career I was offered an opportunity to go to work for a small privately held company in the Logistics and Supply Chain space and that attitude has served me well.

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