CSCMP Corporate Membership

In addition to offering professional (individual) memberships, CSCMP also offers corporate (company) memberships that allow companies to provide access, insight and perspective to their entire team. Corporate members receive all the benefits of a professional membership, plus preferred pricing and exclusive services tailored to meet a company’s specific needs to create value for the organization.

CSCMP corporate membership options vary in size and benefits. Membership packages can be customized to include just your immediate team or the entire organization! Fill out this form to request a custom membership package.

Our Flagship Corporate Package

CSCMP Corporate Membership + EDGE Registration
With this introductory package, your organization takes advantage of CSCMP’s two most popular offerings – Membership and CSCMP’s annual supply chain conference, EDGE. This package includes 5 company-owned, transferable memberships AND 3 company-owned, transferable EDGE Conference registrations.


Become a CSCMP Corporate Member today!

Whether you’re and individual or an organization of thousands, CSCMP has a customizable membership package for you. For more details, click the button below and we’ll begin building your CSCMP Corporate Membership package today. Or feel free to reach us at or +1-630-645-3479.

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“JLL has enjoyed a very long-term and strong working relationship with CSCMP. We find it incredibly valuable in terms of education to our team as well as networking opportunities. There is no better supply chain organization in world than CSCMP.”

“CSCMP is a critical contributor to the strengthening and advancing of supply chain management knowledge and practices. Being a member helps Railinc connect with thought leaders and better understand supply chain trends that affect our customers and our own business.”

“The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) brings together the best in our industry to work together, finding solutions to challenges and creating a better industry for all. Being a part of CSCMP encourages a commitment to this industry that our customers can see in everything we do.”
The Raymond Corporation