CSCMP Corporate Membership

CSCMP offers customized Corporate Membership Packages to include your immediate team or your entire organization! Our two most popular packages are available for immediate purchase below.

You can also connect with a CSCMP Account Manager to build a custom package that fits your unique needs.
Schedule a call via Calendly or email us at [email protected] to discuss membership package options.  

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Flagship Package

Includes CSCMP’s two most popular offerings:
6 Memberships and 3 EDGE Passes


Perfect for:

✓ Small to mid-size teams

✓ Startup companies

✓ Entry-level corporate engagement

Enterprise Package

Instant enrollment for your entire organization.
Unlimited Memberships
(EDGE passes at exclusive rate not included)


Perfect for:

✓ Global companies

✓ Growing organizations

✓ Cross-departmental supply chains

✓ Companies including 25+ members

✓ Leaders looking for visibility and brand exposure

“FourKites is a CSCMP member because we believe in the idea of community. Supply Chain is a vast concept and we love learning from others either directly or tangentially in our field. Hearing what's important in our community helps us understand and provide guidance to our customers on market changes, shifts in opinion, & trends.”

“As the nation's second-busiest seaport, the networking opportunities offered by CSCMP are important. CSCMP is an international organization and we have the opportunity to meet customers and supply chain partners at one location - either at monthly events or at the conferences. As a CSCMP Corporate Member, we also have access to online supply chain/logistics training courses and passes to monthly CSCMP Roundtable events and the Annual Edge Conference. These events keep us updated on industry trends and the webinars provide educational and training opportunities for staff. We are also a Silver Sponsor of the local Southern California Roundtable, which is the largest roundtable in the nation.”
Port of Long Beach

“Armada considers CSCMP an industry-leading supply chain organization and finds value in its research and educational track as well as the professional growth and industry peer group connections that accompany the membership.”