Corporate Membership FAQs

"For C.H. Robinson we find great value in CSCMP’s ability to bring so many of today’s supply chain professionals to one place as the best networking event. CSCMP and the addition of NASSTRAC distinguish EDGE and the round tables as unique sources for content and collaboration at the local and national level.”
C.H. Robinson


  1. Why join as a corporate member?
    The main advantage of a corporate membership is that all memberships are company-owned, and products can be bundled together to ensure you receive the best possible rates with the highest company exposure.
  2. How do I decide what level to join at?
    First, consider how many individuals would benefit from CSCMP member access. The Corporate Flagship Package is designed as an introductory package that includes 6 memberships and 3 EDGE conference passes. If you plan to engage your entire organization, the Enterprise Package is ideal because it allows for unlimited memberships (EDGE passes sold separately). Still unsure or interested in a custom package? Fill out this form and a corporate account manager will help you.
  3. Are there added benefits to joining at the Enterprise Level?
    CSCMP looks to our Enterprise members first to share content, participate in executive forums, and contribute as thought leaders in our global network. The Enterprise Package allows your organization to add members at any time. Each new Corporate Enterprise Member has the option to be announced as a new CSCMP Corporate Member in a dedicated press release.
  4. Are corporate sponsorship and corporate membership the same thing?
    No, they are not. Sponsorship opportunities are available at select CSCMP Roundtables and at the EDGE annual conference, but do not include member benefits (i.e. access to online member directory, member pricing for events and products, etc.). Corporate members can include sponsorship opportunities in their package for additional exposure.
  5. Do all members in my corporate package receive the same benefits as CSCMP individual members?
    Yes, all corproate members receive the same benefits as CSCMP individual members, but when partnered with like-minded colleagues, additional savings are received.
  6. How do I get started?
    You may purchase either the Flagship or Enterprise package directly on the website, then a corporate account manager will contact you to proceed with the onboarding process. If you prefer to design a customized package, you may either fill out this form or schedule a time to discuss.
  7. Can I add benefits to my package?
    Corporate membership allows you to add memberships, EDGE passes, education/certification, or any other products or services at any time. Contact your corporate account manager for details.
  8. How do I renew my corporate membership?
    Your designated corporate account manager will reach out to you with ample time to discuss the details of your package and next steps to complete the renewal process to ensure no lapse in membership.


  1. Can anyone in my company attend CSCMP Roundtable events at member pricing?
    CSCMP Roundtables require an active membership status at time of purchase to receive member pricing. Corporate members have options available:
    1. Request a membership to be transferred to the attendee.
    2. Add a member to your roster (dues will be prorated based on expiration date).
    3. Add a bundle of Roundtable passes to your package. For Enterprise-level members, simply request the attendee be added as a member.
  2. Are EDGE passes only for the members in my package?
    No. Another benefit of corporate membership is that EDGE passes may be used for anyone in your organization, or even offered to a customer or vendor. A reminder, EDGE passes may also be transferred as needed.
  3. How do I go about presenting at a CSCMP event?
    Corporate members may submit a speaker to be listed in the CSCMP Speaker Bank. Speakers are chosen by both members and non-members looking for leading industry experts for various engagements including events hosted by the CSCMP corporate office, roundtables, and members. EDGE sessions are another great opportunity. Your account manager will send you the information to submit when the Call for Sessions is open.
  4. How do I connect with other CSCMP members?
    Meet other CSCMP members at local CSCMP Roundtable events and the annual EDGE conference. You may also connect with other members through our online member directory.


  1. Does CSCMP have a certification program?
    Yes, CSCMP does offer certifications for entry-level professionals, with our SCPro™ Fundamentals Certifications, and more experienced individuals with our three-tier SCPro™ Certification program. Corporate members receive the best pricing and the Interactive Learning Exam(ILE), an online diagnostic tool, at no additional charge. Veterans are also eligible for reimbursement through the G.I. Bill.
  2. How do I get my sales team to understand the fundamentals of supply chain?
    Foundational supply chain knowledge is key for your sales team to be seen as experts in their field. Level-set your team with CSCMP online training courses like Supply Chain Management Essentials  or SCPro™ Fundamentals.
  3. How are CSCMP training courses delivered?
    CSCMP delivers content in both online and on-site formats. Virtual courses are accessed through our new LMS platform. Onsite workshops are also available and can even be customized to create the maximum value for your participants.


  1. Where can I find great supply chain talent?
    CSCMP was founded by a group of like-minded professionals representing both industry and academia, which has allowed CSCMP to connect with the top performing supply chain programs. Membership allows you to be part of this community and have access to the best students graduating from these programs. CSCMP’s Career Center is also a perfect place to post jobs and search resumes. Corporate member perk: 20% off all job postings.
  2. What can my company do to increase brand awareness?
    The two most impactful ways for your company to reach our vast supply chain community is through our CSCMP Hot Topics  and Corporate Member Spotlight. Approved submission required for both.
  3. How does my team stay up to date on industry trends?
    CSCMP is widely recognized as a leader in cutting edge research to advance the supply chain management profession. There are many options available for your team to learn about relevant supply chain topics.

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