Young Professionals in Supply Chain

What do young professionals think about working in the supply chain field? Why are they attracted to the business, and what are they looking for in a career? These are questions leaders at the CSCMP, Penske Logistics, and Korn Ferry set out to answer in the bi-annual Young Professionals Survey.


In the third edition of CSCMP’s Biannual Young Professionals in Supply Chain Report, authored by Korn Ferry and presented by Penske Logistics, the 2021 survey results will provide insights on the motivations and perspectives of the next generation of supply chain leaders. Gain insights into how they like to be developed, how they uncover supply chain jobs, and if they will relocate for the right opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn new levels of attention to logistics and the supply chain and its importance to society in delivering essential goods and services. A new report shows that younger supply chain professionals see the increasing impact their careers are making.

The 2021 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Young Professionals in Supply Chain Report is produced by Korn Ferry and presented by Penske Logistics. It examines the sentiment of supply chain professionals aged 30 and younger. This year’s study finds that 58% of young professionals surveyed stated they pursued a supply chain career due to its beneficial societal impact. Just 13% responded in this fashion in 2019 and the number was further reduced (10%) in 2017.

Among the publication’s key findings:

  • Among all respondents, 99% agreed being part of the supply chain is a quality career choice with 95% expressing excitement for their development track and training opportunities.
  • Top reasons why these young professionals are remaining with their current employers: Development opportunities; and work environment culture/co-workers were both cited in 60% of answers. Also placing over the 50% mark was the category of salary and benefits.
  • Approximately 88% of supply chain professionals identified their jobs as good, 80% felt it was better than most, and 77% deemed their work as enjoyable.
  • How did respondents become interested in a supply chain career? The top reasons: The impact that it can have in business; the variety of opportunities; and the fast pace and challenges of keeping supply chains running on time.


  • The ideal supply chain career for a young logistics practitioner involves an employer offering competitive pay, career advancement opportunities, an opportunity to be involved in strategy, work-life balance, and a strong, collaborative team environment.
  • Approximately 44% of the respondents indicated a willingness to relocate to advance their careers
  • What are the main reasons why respondents might choose a different employer? The report noted that development opportunities was the top answer; followed by salary-benefits increases; finishing school or having graduated; and wanting more interesting type of work.
  • The report offered insight into how the next generation of logistics leaders are searching for employment. The top answers were via social media; online job boards; directly on a company’s website; and via word-of-mouth through their professional peer networks.

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