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CSCMP Suggested Minimum Supply Chain Benchmarking Standards

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is dedicated to developing, advancing, and disseminating supply chain knowledge. During our research for the CSCMP Supply Chain Process Standards it became apparent that there was a lack of free and accurate cross-industry benchmarking data available to supply chain practitioners. CSCMP, in an attempt to fill this gap, is making available the suggested minimum process benchmarking data excerpted from the popular CSCMP Supply Chain Process Standards, Second Edition.
February 10, 2010
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E-Business: The Strategic Impact on Supply Chain & Logistics

Designed to help guide you through the multitude of EC issues that impact your operations, e-Business provides logistics professionals with a methodology to understanding how EC can be used to redesign supply chains through a pragmatic, manageable approach.  The process will link EC capabilities to the objectives of a business and provide a mechanism for comparing the costs and benefits of each capability.  Hard cover.
August 01, 2003

Growth and Development of Logistics Personnel

This book contains information you can use to conduct a self-audit and gap analysis, and develop an organized approach to growing and developing current and future logistics personnel.  Hard cover.
October 01, 2003

Keeping Score: Measuring the Business Value of Logistics

Do you know whether your logistics operation is enhancing or eroding shareholder value?  Are you sure that your logistics organization is aligned with and focused on the company’s strategic goal?  Answering these questions depends on how well you “keep score” in logistics by measuring your operation’s performance.  This book explains the lessons learned from successful logistics measurement programs such as 3M, Texas Instruments, and others.  Hard cover.
August 01, 2003

The Handbook of Supply Chain Costing

The Handbook of Supply Chain Costing entails a series of steps forming a costing framework that will help you recognize that every supply chain poses unique costing requirements and challenges. The first two steps build the foundation for supply chain costing and address issues common to all supply chains and costing efforts. You can tailor the remaining steps to your circumstances and costing needs. The information contained in this Handbook can assist in your implementation efforts.
September 01, 2009